This week, we’re showcasing some of the outstanding students who have come to CUW after starting their education somewhere else. Is it time for you to make your move?

Mikayla Allsop (’24)

Major: Marketing

Transferred from: Alverno College and the United States Navy

What made you want to transfer to Concordia?

I switched majors from Nursing to Marketing and Alverno College doesn’t offer that degree. I also like how military friendliness of Concordia University and the small class sizes.

What stood out about the transfer process

The transfer process was quite easy for me. Barb Ellmaker made the transfer of GI Bill benefits very seamless. I appreciated when on my tour how afterwards the admissions office showed me to the Veteran Resource Center and introduced me to Keith Casey and Barb Ellmaker who helped my transition process.

Based on your experience, what advice or encouragement would you give to potential transfer students?

My best advice to a transfer student is to use the resources that you are provided to you and join an organization. If they are prior military visit the Veteran Resource Center and hang out in there when you are not in class. The VRC is a great place to study or relax with a new comfort dog. If a student isn’t prior military than find an organization related to your major or that you are interested so that you have some people to help you with any questions and be less lonely.

Now that you’re here, what are some of the things you’ve come to appreciate at Concordia?

I appreciate the Veteran Resource Center because it is a great space to meet like-minded people. The VRC has a little community that is very welcoming and helps you feel a little less alone when transferring and not knowing anyone.

I appreciate how helpful and friendly staff is. Whether it is a professor when I am asking clarifying questions or staff members in the store carrying on a conversation about your day or something relevant to your purchase. The custodial staff is always very friendly and always gives a greeting.

I really also like the app Handshake that doesn’t only help with hiring at the university but also internships and work outside the university.

What are your goals for graduation?

My goal after graduation is to take my marketing degree into the publishing world. I would love to work at a publishing company and market the next bestseller!

Want in?

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