This week, we’re showcasing some of the outstanding students who have come to CUW after starting their education somewhere else. Is it time for you to make your move?

Dana Sayles (’25)

Major: RN to BSN

Transferred from: Blackhawk Technical College

What made you want to transfer to Concordia?

I chose Concordia for several reasons. One, it is a great school with a great reputation. Secondly, I was very excited to know that 84 credits transferred into the program. This was a huge motivator for me. I only need to take 12 classes. Thirdly, I was impressed with the presentation given to me about the program. I also am so impressed with the communication. This means so much to me, since I am an online student, and I am not at the campus to ask questions.

What stood out about the transfer process?

I can’t thank Heidi, Angela, and Jill enough for all their help. Heidi Sternig has been so amazing in communicating with me during the application process and getting me in touch with Angela Tucker and Jill Tinder. All of them are in constant communication with me and inform me of important matters.  I feel like they are truly invested in my learning. My transfer process was seamless. Honestly, I can’t say enough positive things about all the faculty I have been in contact with. One example is my summer schedule was already planned, but a course opened up that is needed to graduate. These classes are not always available, but they set it all up for me, so I didn’t have to worry about it. This meant a lot to me since I work full-time and am taking classes every 8 weeks. Heidi checks in with me to make sure I am taking full advantage of any available scholarships. This saves me time, so I don’t have to try to find them myself.

Based on your experience, what advice or encouragement would you give to potential transfer students?

My advice is to choose a program that works with you. You will have enough stress, let them help you take some of it away. During nursing school our communication was not great, it made my life and experience extremely difficult. Since transferring, I feel more at ease and that I am being heard. Like I said I am completely online so I can’t just walk into the office and get information. Concordia was more than happy to give me any information I needed, even before applying. They are wonderful to work with and our not as pushy as some programs.

What are your goals for graduation—and how do you feel Concordia has helped you prepare?

Once I finish, I hope to continue with my MSN. I would like to be in management at some point. I would like to bring change and let nurses know their concerns and frustrations are being addressed. The faculty will be by my side to help me achieve my goals. I am not just a number to them.

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