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  • June 27, 2022
    Admissions, News

    Quick Questions with Concordians: Robert Nowak

    Get to know Assistant Vice President of Admission Robert Nowak!

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  • June 23, 2022
    Admissions, News, Students

    CUW by the numbers

    We're in Admissions mode this summer with lots of students visiting campus to see if CUW is the right fit for them. For all of those out there who already know and love Concordia, we know you're eager to share Concordia with others...Here are a few facts to put in your "ambassador arsenal."

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  • Helping employees meet their fullest potential

    We’ve moved from a philosophy of working and leading that depended on who was in control, to a much more collaborative approach that encourages working together to achieve organizational goals.

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  • 8 Ways to Implement Change

    Ready to implement change? These tips will help you get started.

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  • Digital classrooms: The new frontier

    Though becoming more popular as changes continue in higher education, the digital classrooms for the accelerated virtual and online programs at Concordia are often misunderstood.

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  • All But Dissertation: Finish your DBA at Concordia University Wisconsin

    Have you invested years of time, effort, and money but didn’t finish your doctorate? Concordia University Wisconsin now offers an opportunity for you to finish what you started in a supportive environment specifically designed to help you succeed.

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  • A closer look at the three DBA Concentrations

    Learn more about how Concordia's DBA concentrations can help you specialize your skill set.

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  • Finding the right college: Things to consider

    You're ready to find the right college for you, but where do you start?

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  • DBA Student Success Habits

    Juggling career, family, a personal life, and earning a DBA is enough for anyone to feel overwhelmed. That’s why at Concordia University Wisconsin, the Faculty and Staff emphasize the importance of building student success habits from the first day of entering the program. Here are Five DBA Student Success Habits to consider:

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  • Concordia University Wisconsin Adds All-But-Dissertation (ABD) Opportunity for the DBA Program

    For any doctoral student, earning the All-But-Dissertation (ABD) status means the opportunity to work on the dissertation and to earn a doctorate. For many of these students, life happens and for one reason or another, the dissertation was not completed. At Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW), we understand life’s challenges. Real life can mirror the business world in that there are often complex challenges. But with planning, support, and effective strategies, these challenges can be overcome.

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