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  • Demand is surging for business sustainability professionals

    Growing demand for sustainability professionals Businesses today face more frequent and more severe environmental risks, such as supply chain vulnerabilities and carbon trajectories. Accordingly, the demand for sustainability professionals is surging. According to Greenbiz, “while there is high demand for sustainability workers and an increase in supply of sustainability jobs, there is still a sense […]

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  • Sing it loud: It’s concert season at CUW!

    Here's when and where you can see and hear some of our most talented students in an upcoming concert or recital.

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  • Scholarships for Accelerated Programs

    A common question from potential accelerated students is, “Do you have any scholarships?”. That’s a loaded question and often means a variety of things to different people. What are accelerated programs? To be clear, accelerated degrees at Concordia University are fully accredited college bachelor or associate degrees. There are also accelerated pathways for earning two […]

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  • CUW School of Pharmacy earns 9th best residency match rate in the US

    CUW’s School of Pharmacy once again beat the national average of students who have successfully matched to an accredited residency.

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  • CUW announces new articulation agreement with WTCS

    A new agreement with the Wisconsin Technical College System will help students move more seamlessly from a two-year Education program to an accelerated bachelor’s degree path.

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  • Meet America’s most successful female entrepreneur

    Diane M. Hendricks will be on campus to speak on Tuesday, April 4, at 6:00 p.m. Her talk will take place in the Todd Wehr Auditorium as part of CUW's "Economics, Politics, and Philosophy on the Bluff" series.

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  • March 16, 2023
    Admissions, Featured, News

    Visit Day spots are filling up!

    Are you just starting to explore your college options? A Visit Day at Concordia is the place to start.

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  • Is a Public Health Degree Worth It?

    Nataysia is the first-ever student that will graduate from Concordia's public health program. We know that she will inspire others to go into the rewarding and ever-changing field of public health.

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  • Space (thought) exploration takes place at Concordia University

    Nearly 100 industry and thought leaders gathered at Concordia University Wisconsin to ruminate about the potential outer space holds.

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  • Why should I invest in a Tech Bootcamp?

    Recently, Concordia University Wisconsin announced a new partnership with Upright Education to offer new tech bootcamps. This collaboration aims to fill the need for focused training in a short amount of time that leads to new employment opportunities. Sounds great, but what exactly are bootcamps, and are they right for everyone?  Our business partnership team […]

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