Concordia University Wisconsin joins our nation in honoring our law enforcement officers during this National Police Week.

Public service at Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor

We encourage potential adult students to consider careers that favorably impact our communities through public service. Concordia University Wisconsin offers enhanced and updated online Public Service degrees for accelerated students. You can choose between Management of Criminal Justice and  Leadership.  These programs provide pathways for those interested in making a difference at a community level. Take the lead in shaping our communities rather than just waiting for others to do so.

Serving the community

Public Service includes law enforcement, government service, community organizing, and assisting non-profit organizations. This work has never been more important in our society! The Public Service degrees offered by Concordia prepare students to go one step further by providing ethical principles from a Christian perspective.

Public Service at CUWAA

Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr. is the Assistant Dean of Professional Development and Director of CUW’s Justice and Public Policy Department. He also oversees the Adult Accelerated programs with a unique perspective. Harris is an alum, a veteran lieutenant of the Milwaukee Police Department, and a recognized, accomplished public servant in the community. He states:

“The public servants who work in communities around the country, by virtue of their position, are tasked with ensuring the lives of those who come in contact with them and leave them better than when they first met. The mission of CUWAA is consistent with the work of public servants who give their time and talent to serve their community.”



What is the program coursework like?

Additionally, the content of coursework in the Public Service degrees is enhanced for the Adult Accelerated student by the nature of online, virtual, and weekly evening classes.

As Dr. Harris continues, “Non-traditional classes meet the rigorous standards of CUWAA,  yet in many ways exceed those standards due to the writing-intensive nature of the coursework and the ability to utilize theoretical and practical aspects of public service.”

Students who hear the call to help their community through the Management of Criminal Justice degrees, go on to serve as law enforcement officials, correction officers, public safety directors, juvenile justice workers, and future lawyers.  All of these careers have come in high demand in recent years. Through the Leadership degrees, students may also pursue positions in local, state, and federal government agencies as well as non-profit organizations including public programs for family and child welfare.






Servant leadership is at the heart of public service

The bottom line is that Public Service students want to improve the lives of others. Public service is all about helping others and often is a response to a higher calling.

Scripture provides numerous examples of ordinary citizens called to public service and leadership positions. God called Joseph out of prison to run the economy of Pharaoh’s Egypt. He called Gideon from life as a farmer to lead the armies of Israel. He also called Nehemiah from his role as a servant to King Artaxerxes to the ultimate community organizer. Nehemiah had to orchestrate the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem. These were common people called to positions of servant-leadership. Is God calling you for uncommon service?  Now may be the right time!


Do you want to know more about an Accelerated Bachelor’s in Public Service?

For more information about the 120-credit, accelerated degrees in Public Service or to apply for these programs, contact CUW’s Accelerated Admission Counselor for Public Service Nick DeLeon at or 262.243.1803.

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