Teacher appreciation: Be a part of the legacy

We recently celebrated National Teacher Appreciation week, and the recognition is well-deserved for our teachers.

Be a part of the teacher appreciation legacy

There are roughly 3.2 million teachers in the United States who span Kindergarten through 12th grade and across all types of content and disciplines. Our educators deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to the next generations. 

Teaching is an honorable profession that goes above and beyond teaching students the required content. Teachers guide, mentor, and care for students in classrooms throughout the country. 

Are you ready to impact the next generation?

Concordia University Wisconsin’s School of Education is here to help you become the next teacher that is appreciated and praised during this special time of the year. Be in the schools to help every student in every school meet their learning goals, become well-rounded individuals, and develop the confidence to achieve anything.  

Earn your Wisconsin teaching license

Concordia has multiple programs that serve as a pathway toward becoming a licensed teacher in Wisconsin. Additionally, we have programs that will further your current teaching career with add-on licenses and a master’s degree in education. 

Online accelerated teaching degrees

Teaching jobs are in high demand. To help you streamline your path toward becoming a teacher, Concordia has accelerated online teaching degrees. Individuals who are already working and need to balance professional and personal demands tend to fit these programs well. 

Accelerated programs that you can complete in only three years:


It’s time to become a memorable teacher.  

Are you ready to learn more? Whether you need your bachelor’s degree or you’ve already earned it, Concordia is ready to help you join in the teaching legacy.

I do not have a bachelor’s degree.                   I already have a bachelor’s degree.

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