If you want to become a teacher, but are still a little unsure, check out our reasons why now is a great time to take the next step toward your goal.

Reason #5: Flexible degree options

Higher education is pivoting faster than ever. As a student you can take advantage of some of the innovations happening at universities all over. There are more flexible options than a traditional four or five-year path. Concordia University now offers an accelerated online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, for example. This was designed with your needs in mind. While your practicum work and student teaching will be in-person, the added flexibility of online learning is a plus. If you’re needing to work while completing your bachelor’s degree, you might benefit from the flexibility of an online program. 

Reason #4 Teaching is never boring

Teaching is an especially exciting career choice. There is some consistency in the schedule each day and the calendar year. But, teaching a room full of 20 unique individuals who each bring their own personalities with them can make the days fly by. Each child has his or her own ideas, interests, challenges, and triumphs. 

Inside of the classroom

As a classroom teacher, you’ll face some exciting hurdles. Engaging students is always challenging, but it can be fun to plan lessons with your students’ interests in mind. Once you find your rhythm, engaging your students will feel a lot more like an art

Outside of the classroom

It goes beyond the classroom, though. Planning, organizing, and actually going on field trips will keep you on your feet and engaged with your students. You’ll get so much joy out of watching them connect what they see at a museum to what you’re doing in the classroom. If you coach or assist with co-curricular activities, you’ll get the chance to see your students take risks, be creative, and compete. This will allow you to get to know your students’ families and be an all-around supportive community member. 

Reason #3 Jump start your master’s degree

Earning a master’s degree might not be at the front of your mind right now. But, research shows that those who obtain a master’s degree do tend to earn a higher salary, even within the field of education. If you finish your bachelor’s degree in three years, you can get a jump start on your master’s degree. Our schools need highly skilled educators who are lifelong learners. Getting started with a master’s a year sooner is a great option to have!

Reason #2 You’re needed! 

You’re probably used to hearing this, but there is a teacher shortage nationwide. The combination of Baby Boomer retirees plus the COVID-19 pandemic has stressed the system even more. Many different kinds of schools are looking for high quality individuals to teach their students. What kind of school is the right fit for you? Try to keep an open mind as your skillset grows and you gain more experience. 

Your future students need you

Not only are you needed for the work you will do as a teacher in society, but actual children need you.

Back in 2019, WeAreTeachers posted the following data:

  • 54% of students surveyed said that a teacher has helped them through a difficult time.
  • 79% of students were encouraged by a teacher to follow their dreams.
  • 83% of students stated that a teacher has boosted their self-esteem and confidence.

 This shows how much work teachers are already doing, but also that there is room to grow. It’s worth noting that the average teacher will directly impact about 3,000 students throughout the course of his or her career. To say that you could influence society as an educator is not hyperbole.

Reason #1 You’re passionate about working with students.

It’s all about your students. This has to be your #1 reason for wanting to be a teacher.

Concordia’s 3-year online bachelor’s in elementary education

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