Likewise is the name of the 2023 Senior Art Exhibit

The Senior Exhibition is open in the CUW Art Gallery now through May 14. An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, May 5.

Senior students who are majoring in Graphic Design (aka BA in Visual Communication), Interior Architecture & Design, and Art have displayed their work in the Barth Gallery (B109). Work is also on display in the smaller galleries at the intersection of the Loeber, Rincker, and Barth hallways.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see some of the amazing work these talented students have produced.

Show run

April 10 through May 14


  • Monday-Thursday: 4-8 p.m.
  • Friday & Sunday: 12-4 p.m. (closed Saturday)

Opening Reception

Friday, May 5 | 6-8 p.m.

Senior exhibitors

Elena Cieszki | Art major

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I have always loved testing different medias, and never wanted to be confined to just one. Over the years, I have had the most experience with acrylic painting. I also have skills in gouache, watercolor, and oil painting. With my minor in photography, I have more knowledge in Adobe software and digital artwork as well. I am looking forward to growing and diving more deep into my interests to further develop my own personal style throughout my artwork.

I like to create art that captures the beauty in everything that surrounds us. I gain inspiration from my love for nature and traveling, along with faith and passion. I like to take my photography work and create paintings based off images I have captured.

Eleni Dalamangas

Eleni Dalamangas | Interior Architecture & Design major

From Muskego, Wisconsin

Hello, my name is Eleni Dalamangas! Archi-tecture has become a passion of mine from a young age. I aim to create spaces that are not only functional but also visually stunning and emotionally compelling. I believe that architecture has the power to shape our experience of the world and influence how we interact with one another. I am passion-ate about exploring the intersection of form, function, and meaning. Great architecture should tell a story and every element in a space should serve a purpose. I am also motivated by the interplay of light, texture, and color, and strive to create designs that are both timeless and modern.

Whether I am designing a private residence, a commercial building, or a public space, my goal is to create a space that not only meets the practical needs of its occupants but also inspires and uplifts them. The spaces we inhabit should be a reflection of our values and I am dedicated to helping my clients create homes and workspaces that are not only beautiful but also aligned with their unique vision and goals. I hope to help others to see the potential for beauty and meaning in every space, and to create environments that support and nurture the human spirit. I plan to start my career after I graduate in the Spring of 2023.

Anna Kuhnle

Anna Kuhnle | Interior Architecture & Design major

From Waunakee, Wisconsin

Artist Statement: The world around us begins as a blank canvas. As artists, we have the opportu­nity to paint our inner thoughts and ideas onto this canvas to bring it to life. As someone who has been searching for different canvases to paint my entire life, I am constantly locating beauty in the most unexpected places. I design because I am able to take a literal blank canvas and completely transform it into something that is not only functional, but powerful in the sense that it can make the beholder feel something.

Utilizing color is a technique I like to use to evoke emotion. Bright, triadic color schemes can create more energizing spaces while cool, monochromatic schemes can stimulate relaxation. I also like to use more interesting geometries as a way to define space and create not only captivating spaces, but floor plans as well. A lot of my inspiration comes from past styles when designing new spaces. Incorporating the successes of older designs in with newer designs generates a seamless blend of both that creates exciting and unique spaces.

Saul Leon

Saul A. Leon | Graphic Design major

From Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Artist Statement: Hello, my name is Saul Leon. I was born in Harvard Illinois but was raised in Wisconsin, so I consider it my true home and state. I love Wisconsin because of its cold and snowy winters, the cheese of course, and the Green bay Packers. I come from a Mexican family that is originally from Mexico, making me the 2nd generation in my family and the first generation to receive a higher education.

I want my designs and work to help portray a message and meaning. I want there to be emotion and for the designs to evoke happiness, seriousness, and other emotions so that people who see these designs can understand the business approach. Yes, to create unique, fun, and modern designs, but I don’t want my work to just look cool, fancy, or pretty, I want there to be meaning behind it that the business is trying to portray and build a brand, poster, logo, menu anything that will catch the viewers eyes and tell what the business is trying to portray.

Sage Wojdyla

Sage Wojdyla | Graphic Design major

From Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Artist Statement: Hello! My name is Sage Wojdyla and I am a Graphic Designer based in the greater Milwaukee area. From a young age, I was immersed in a creative environment where art and design were central in everyday life. With a mother who is a lead graphic designer for her company, I was exposed to the world of design from an early age and was fascinated by the work I saw her produce. Drawing and designing became second nature to me, and my passion for the field only grew as I practiced and matured.

As a graphic designer, my work is a reflection of my passion for visual storytelling and communication. I believe that design has the power to shape the world around us. I believe that every project is unique and requires a tailored solution that addresses the specific needs of the client and the audience.

Ultimately, my goal is to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also impactful and meaningful. I believe it is important to inspire others to think more deeply about design and its role in our world.

14 Frames Gallery

Kelvin Kazibwe | Graphic Design major & Photography minor

From Uganda

Artist Statement: To help establish a means of sharing with the world what we’re about, I photographed individuals, their environments, and the world in an authentic and raw way, elevating the stories we all have. Shared conviction means a lot t me; I want to learn about the people I work with and what they like and dislike. Working together and growing together is easier when you find ways to connect with others.

Time spent with friends, criticism from people I respect, and encouragement from close friends all contribute to my work. Photographing is a beautiful process. Working with others and bringing out the best in them and what they stand for brings me joy. I strive to portray the world in a positive light, be it in my editing or subject matter.

Want in?

Concordia University Wisconsin is pleased to offer students plenty of academic and extracurricular activities in art. Students can express themselves creatively in a variety of ways. Opportunities range from showcasing their work in art gallery exhibitions or on the stage.