As one of the most prominent people at Concordia University, it's hard not to write all about him. President Ferry's steady hand, faith-first approach, and agile response to the changes within higher education have helped Concordia grow tremendously over the past few decades.

As he enters his last weeks as president, take a moment to read some of the recent stories about our beloved president, and make a point to celebrate him this week by participating in Ferry Fest.

Ferry Fest Schedule

It was July 1, 1997, and Patrick Ferry was on the cusp of a monumental period of change in his life when he decided it was time to start keeping a journal.

Read all about Concordia’s Storyteller.



Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD, likes to joke that he had to run to catch his future wife.

Read about how President Ferry continues to run steady.




In more ways than one, Concordia University Wisconsin’s 8th president, Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD, has proven that he has the staying power required for the long haul.

Read about Wisconsin’s longest-running president.



At the end of this academic year, Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD, will retire after nearly 24 years as president of Concordia University Wisconsin.

Read all about how President Ferry became the second-most-tenured president in CUW history.



Concordia may be losing President Ferry to retirement at the end of this academic year, but the good news is his better half is staying on.

Read President Ferry’s letter to a First Lady whom we love.



On June 30, 2021, Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD, will conclude 30 years of distinguished service to Concordia University, with 24 of them as president. A multitude of thanks are due.

Thank you, President Ferry.



Memorizing Scripture is just one way that Ferry keeps God’s Word at the forefront—both in his personal life and on behalf of Concordia.

Thank you … for your firmly rooted values.




People. It has always been about the people. Every new building, every bold project, every innovative solution built up the Concordia family to serve the Lord, to serve the world, and to serve each other.

Thank you … for dreaming big.



His personal health routine provides plenty of inspiration for his metaphorical run.

Thank you … for going the distance.




Concordia has always been in good hands. By the hand of God and through the many hands of leaders, staff, alumni, students, and community, the university has flourished in mission and in action since 1881.

Thank you … for building a foundation for the future.




— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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