At the end of this academic year, Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD, will retire after nearly 24 years as president of Concordia University Wisconsin.

With more than two decades in the leadership seat, Ferry far surpasses the average tenure of college presidents nationwide. So it might surprise you to learn that Ferry is not the most-tenured president in CUW history. In fact, up until recently, he wasn’t even the second-most-tenured president in Concordia history. That honor previously went to Rev. Dr. Walter W. Stuenkel, who served as Concordia’s leader from his installment in September 1953 to his retirement in December 1976 (23 years and two months to be exact). Ferry, meanwhile, was installed as president in August 1997. 

If our university leaders are any indication, Concordia is clearly a place where people love to work and serve. A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel survey from last summer also corroborates that fact. The commitment of Concordia’s president and employees over the years have molded the university into a place that countless people want to be a part of and where they can feel at home. 

Scroll down to review the terms of service of each of CUW’s faithful leaders.

Mr. Carl Huth (Director)  

1881-1882 (1 year)






Rev. Emil Hamann (Temporary President)

1882-1885 (4 years)





Rev. Christian H. Loeber (First Full-time President)

1885-1893 (8 years)





Rev. Max J. F. Albrecht

1893-1921 (28 years)






Rev. Dr. G. Christian Barth

1921-1934 (13 years)






Rev. Leroy C. Rincker

1935-1953 (18 years)






Rev. Dr. Walter W. Stuenkel

1953-1976 (23 years)






Rev. Dr. Wilbert H. Rosin

1977-1979 (2 years)






Rev. Dr. R. John Buuck

1979-1996 (18 years)





Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD

1997-2021 (23 years)







— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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