Editor's note: This story first appeared in the fall 2019 edition of the Concordian, the official magazine of Concordia University Wisconsin.

Concordia University continues to grow and respond to the needs of learners in the 21st century. Within the past six months, Concordia has taken steps to launch several academic offerings for all levels of learners.

1. Accelerated Master of Science in Applied Exercise Science

This new accelerated program combines a four-year exercise physiology bachelor’s degree with a two-year applied exercise science master’s so that learners can gain their master’s degree in just five years.

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2. Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies program teaches students the main message of the Bible to prepare for professional church work, future studies, or to be a more informed lay leader in Christian congregations.

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3. Bachelor of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication

Graduates will become adept at navigating communication processes in order to successfully convey their messages. Students will take courses to prepare them to write and present technical information for people outside a specific subject or industry.

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4. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

CUW’s Biochemistry program is organically interdisciplinary as the curriculum includes coursework in general, organic, analytical, physical and biochemistry in addition to general, advanced, and molecular biology all while being supported by calculus and physics courses.

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5. Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Applied Analytics

The CUW Data Science and Applied Analytics program will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to ethically manipulate and effectively analyze data, revealing insights into problem domains.

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6. Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

In this program, we hold the following to be an unequivocal truth: we’re all created by God. That’s your role as a healthcare administrator/manager. To help uphold the dignity of each of your patients while providing the highest level of quality care. It will also teach you how to be an effective healthcare administrator/manager, how to evaluate research results applicable to a healthcare practice, and how to demonstrate effective communication – in writing and presentations.

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7. Certificate in Interprofessional Informatics (Online)

Consider a graduate certificate in interprofessional informatics to round out your business, education, or health care professional degree.

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8. Certificate in Spanish for Healthcare

This program is meant for students who were very high achieving in Spanish and are coming into a Concordia Health Professions program. It is a 15-credit, interdisciplinary program and includes a short-term study abroad program.  Students will take our Span 301 course when they begin here. From there, everything they take will be in Spanish but geared towards the healthcare professions.

9. Master of Product Development–Food and Beverage (CUW, online, Mequon Center)

In our innovative Master of Product Development (MPD), students learn by doing, and engaging with local experts in varying industries who design and teach our courses. This Food and Beverage (FaB) track dives into the FaB development process from concept to marketplace, package design, marketing, and management.

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10. Certificate in Paralegal Studies

The Paralegal Studies Certificate program’s objectives emphasize ethics, critical thinking, legal research, legal writing and verbal communication, strategic problem-solving, and other applied skills necessary for navigating today’s legal environment.

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