College Your Way

Route 36 allows all full-time traditional undergraduate students to take summer courses for free.

Route 36: College your way

Only 44% of college students complete their bachelor’s degree in four years. That’s according to a study from the National Center for Education Statistics. So why do they call it a “four-year degree” if the majority of students pursuing it cannot finish in four years?

Get the most out of your 4-year degree with Route 36

College is a transitional time where you can explore new ideas and find your place in this world. You’ll be challenged with rigorous coursework, adapting to new routines, and in many cases, it could be your first time living independently without your parents to remind you to make your bed.

College is a whole new world, and with it comes a whole new array of opportunities. There are clubs, athletics, student organizations, campus activities, and all sorts of other fun ways to experience new things, or enjoy the things you already love to do. Many students also work part-time jobs while in school, or have a variety of other on- or off-campus time commitments; clinical rotations, internships, volunteering, service projects, and so on. With all of these time commitments to juggle, is it really any surprise that most students aren’t finishing their degree in four years?

Embrace the transitional time

There’s nothing wrong with going beyond the traditional four-year timeframe to complete your degree.

Education is an investment in your future, and you can go at whatever pace is right for you. But the cost of that investment can add up quickly. Every additional semester can mean thousands of dollars more in student loans. Route 36 helps you save money while going at your own pace.

How Route 36 works

Route 36 gives you 36 credits to allocate between fall, spring, and summer. If you maintain full-time status (12-18 credits) for both the fall and spring terms, then the following summer, you can take your remaining credits (up to a grand total of 36 per year) at no extra charge. You pay the regular full-time tuition rate for fall and spring, and the summer courses are free (note- only in-person classes are available at no extra charge. Online classes can be taken at a reduced rate).

Your college years are some of the best and most memorable years of your life. You’ll never forget going to practice every day, working with your teammates to get better at your sport. You’ll never forget the time spent at campus activities, or with student organizations and clubs, learning and experiencing new things. Finally, you’ll never forget the friends you make, or the adventures you go on with them. These things are all vital to your experience at Concordia.

With Route 36, you can lighten your course load during the school year to make time for your life outside of the classroom. You can then take summer courses, for free, so that you can stay on track to graduate on time.

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Accelerate your education

Beyond just keeping up, you can also utilize Route 36 to get ahead. Take courses over the summer to accelerate your education and graduate early. Or, leverage the program to take additional classes and earn a second major or a minor. Concordia also offers innovative programs that allow students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just four years. Route 36 can help you manage the intensive curriculum and begin your career with a master’s degree.

Examples of these fast track programs include:

  • Business Scholars – B.S. and M.B.A.
  • Computer Science Scholars – B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science
  • Justice and Public Policy Scholars – B.S. in JPP and M.S. in Organizational Leadership & Administration
  • Athletic Training Dual Degree – B.S. in Sports Medicine and M.S. in Athletic Training

Route 36 gives you the flexibility you need to make your college experience your own. Go at your own pace. Do the things you want to do, without falling behind. College is a unique time in your life that you’ll only experience once. It’s an investment in you, setting yourself up for an uncommon life of purpose. Get the most out of your investment and your education with Concordia’s Route 36.

For more information, visit the Route 36 website.

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