Concordia's Vice President of Student Enrollment and Engagement Dr. Michael Uden was the featured speaker of NEWaukee's latest Cloud Cafe.

The goal of the virtual series is to provide a platform for connectors and creators to find belonging during this time of unprecedented isolation.

Uden’s talk, titled “Post-COVID College: What Will Be Novel (besides the virus),” touched on several key ways that Concordia is adapting. Using the acronym LEARN as the framework for his talk, Uden identified the following as areas of emphasis:

L—What has left or has been on the way out for a while?

E—What has entered college programming in the interim?

AAll about the learner

RReal(ly) (Fun)ctional

NNow what?

Click on the video below to watch the full Cloud Cafe.[0]=68.ARBzz6jPZAutu6CUzvJGaBFd3YsaodOkDpjtGstxp0CRgNCFe21kO-uxI8T-jFjdAJwLE_VzegY5CqVw21_ng4at3bpY7xfv57FsDuQ6p-f9LrMgbSHr5M3Hdycqu2FBIabXDaSvMDb8BY01yEY5_d9SK5HX–U60xc_VbAxL-KW96afJafYiUVeBDBwkVT32mXXJIlz0yK_WvhQEEI7mIUd9rpjeBnOr2bRKdBFKAqrjFLEJh14zdSj8Twvbsw3GhH8FNgs3VEgKzH7ycw4rW_QWpROL6y6TDhdSweHf2NZN4EV2rFA9ksKd8qJeDv18mWIPVV664gibPtSySkDoPVnBmQuLRW6Mx0&__tn__=-R


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