This week, we’re showcasing some of the outstanding students who have come to CUW after starting their education somewhere else. Is it time for you to make your move?

Lauren Werries (’24)

Major: Management (minor in Entrepreneurship)

Transferred from: John Wood Community College (Quincy, IL)

What made you want to transfer to Concordia?

My visit experience was the primary push that led me to transfer to Concordia. There is something about the strong Christian community that really evoked a sense of belonging as soon as I stepped foot on campus. The campus activities, the academic programs, and the beauty of the lake truly drew me here during that first tour and continue to keep me cherishing my college experience.

What stood out about the transfer process?

My enrollment counselor! She was fantastic with communicating the steps that come along with transferring, helping me ensure a smooth transfer of credits and transition to living on campus for the first time!

Based on your experience, what advice or encouragement would you give to potential transfer students?

Pray about it! It is so easy to get caught up in the emotions that come along with change but giving it to God is a fantastic method of seeking direction.

Now that you’re here, what are some of the things you’ve come to appreciate at Concordia?

There are so many things that I love and appreciate about Concordia, but the few that stand out the most are the opportunities to get involved, the professional development opportunities, and the people!

What are your goals for graduation—and how do you feel Concordia has helped you prepare?

After earning my undergrad, I am going to be sticking around Concordia and completing my MBA through Concordia’s fast-track program. After a year, I will have earned my master’s and will be seeking opportunities within HR management. I believe Concordia has prepped me for professional experience, not just through academia, but through the leadership positions I’ve had the opportunity to hold as a Resident Assistant and within different clubs and ministries on campus.

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