Registration is now open for Concordia’s free, online seminar about managing conflict in the workplace.

In today’s workplace, conflicts are almost inevitable. Whether it’s a disagreement between colleagues, tension among teams or departments, or disagreements in management styles, conflicts can create an unpleasant work environment. However, even though these work challenges often occur, we have the opportunity for improvement. This is where professional development courses come into play, offering solutions for the workplace.

Conflict in the Workplace – A Solutions-Based Approach

May 7 | 12:30-1:30 p.m.

Free, online

Professional development courses, like the ones we offer at Concordia, equip employees and managers with the necessary skills and strategies to navigate through the complexities of workplace conflicts.

By participating in conflict management courses, we can gain a deeper understanding of conflict dynamics and learn strategies for a resolution. From exploring the root causes of conflicts to mastering active listening techniques, these courses empower participants to adopt a healthier work environment and build stronger relationships within their teams.

To further support professionals in their journey towards effective conflict management, Concordia is hosting a free webinar titled “Conflict in the Workplace – A Solutions-Based Approach.” Scheduled for May 7th, this webinar promises to provide practical insights and expert guidance on navigating workplace conflicts. To register, please visit this page.

One of the key aspects emphasized in professional development courses – and one that we will be covering during our free webinar – is the importance of active listening. By mastering active listening techniques, individuals can demonstrate compassion, build trust, and gain valuable insights into the views of others. This not only facilitates better communication but also lays the foundation for helpful dialogue and mutual understanding.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, this webinar offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your conflict resolution skills and contribute to a pleasant work environment. For a complete list of professional development courses at Concordia, visit here.