Recognizing the significant need for Lutheran educators, Concordia has debuted the Lutheran Educator Support Scholarship (LESS) for fall 2023.

In honor of Church Work Appreciation Month, Concordia is pleased to announce a new scholarship for Lutheran educators. LESS is a $3,000 renewable scholarship that provides support for traditional undergraduates preparing to be Lutheran teachers. It’s one of two distinct scholarships given to Lutheran Teacher Diploma (LTD) candidates. Concordia also offers the Forward in Faith scholarship, which may be “stacked” on top of the LESS offering.

The new offering now brings the assistance for LTD candidates up to par with Concordia’s financial aid opportunities for pre-seminary candidates. It also makes a CUW undergraduate education degree a more affordable option than peer Concordias in Nebraska and Irvine.

Highest numbers of church work candidates among the Concordias

Already, Concordia’s Wisconsin campus alone trains the most Lutheran teacher candidates for the LCMS, as well as the most church work candidates for the Church.

A comparative fall 2021 enrollment report of CUS schools (the most recent numbers available) shows CUW has:

  • The most undergraduate church work candidates enrolled (222 candidates)
  • The largest pre-seminary program in the CUS (58 candidates)
  • The largest Lutheran Teacher Diploma program (117 candidates)
  • Robust numbers enrolled in its Director of Church Ministries program (40—3 less than the highest DCE enrollment in the System)

Additionally, Concordia University Wisconsin maintains a strong Lutheran-Christian population among students pursuing non-rostered degrees, demonstrating the university’s dedication to preparing workers who will strengthen the Church in all of life’s vocations:

  • 88% of traditional undergraduates are Christian (The second-largest percentage, after CUAA’s 90%, within the CUS)
  • 1,155 of those, or 40%, are Lutheran (The largest number in the CUS and the second-highest percentage in the System)
  • 73% of graduate-level learners are Christian, with 21% of those identifying as Lutheran (The most in the CUS)

Explore our education offerings


CUW offers more than a dozen bachelor’s programs within its School of Education. Any of these degrees may have the Lutheran Teacher Diploma added to make a candidate eligible to receive a call within the LCMS.


CUWAA offers more than 20 graduate education degrees that will help you further your knowledge, experience, and career pursuits. Just a few options include:

  • Master’s in education administration
  • Master’s of Educational Leadership
  • Master’s in student personnel administration in higher education
  • Master’s in Counseling
  • Master’s of Curriculum & Instruction with teacher certification in elementary or secondary education
  • Superintendent Licensure
  • Master of Science in Instructional Leadership
  • Master’s in Literacy
  • Doctorate of Leadership in Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Want in?

Concordia University Wisconsin knows the urgent need for more skilled workers for the Church. The university annually commits a variety of support to students who indicate their desire to pursue church work.