pharmacy school scholarships

There are multiple factors that determine what pharmacy school is the best fit for you. But one of the most important questions asked by prospective pharmacy students is, how can I afford pharmacy school? At Concordia, we can help answer that question.

More scholarship money

Concordia University is increasing the pharmacy school scholarship amount for 1st year (P1) students. We recognize the need to develop more pharmacists, the significant costs of pharmacy school, and that you need more help. Therefore, the Academic Merit Scholarship is now available for up to $14,000 per student in that first year.

About 79% of students in our current P1 class were awarded a Concordia pharmacy school scholarship. But don’t worry awards don’t stop there. We continue to offer scholarships throughout your four years in pharmacy school. For example, starting in the 2nd year (P2), there is $500 to $10,000 available for qualified students.

We are ecstatic about our scholarships and the ability to help students with the monetary investment of attending pharmacy school. Our recruitment and admissions team helps students through the entire college application process, including financial aid.

Kaylan Gaines, Director of Admissions and Recruitment

More opportunities to make pharmacy school affordable

Concordia University has more scholarships and financial aid available to all graduate students. You can discover more ways to make your pharmacy education more affordable.

There’s even more scholarship help out there too. Explore what is being offered by different organizations and foundations. Here are a few to start with as you look at funding your education to become a pharmacist.

More about our pharmacy program

Smaller school

Concordia’s School of Pharmacy has so much to offer. Our smaller-sized gives you more individualized attention to your education and pharmacy career goals.

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Our focus is on developing well-rounded, caring pharmacists that will faithfully serve in healthcare. The PharmD program schedules courses, labs, and practice experiences in the fall and spring semesters with breaks in the summer.

Experienced faculty

Not to mention our faculty is dedicated to teaching the next generation of pharmacists. Additionally, faculty continue their own education in order to teach students the most up-to-date practices in pharmacy.

Beautiful location

Our amazing campus is on the shoreline of Lake Michigan in Mequon, Wisconsin. We are the perfect blend of urban and rural. Experience the benefits of city life in Milwaukee or dive into the suburban lifestyle. Most importantly, you will have access to a wide variety of healthcare facilities for your in-person experiences.

Apply to pharmacy school today! Or contact pharmacy admissions for more scholarship info.