Jeff Frosch returns to Concordia University Wisconsin.

Jeff Frosch, a Concordia University Wisconsin admissions counselor from 1997-2015, has accepted a newly-created enrollment position that will allow him the opportunity to return to his “work family” and represent both Concordia University Wisconsin and Concordia University Ann Arbor, from his home in central Texas.

For 18 years, Jeff Frosch was the face of CUW for prospective Lutheran students and their families. His trademark enthusiasm and ability to deeply connect with everyone around him made him a memorable and effective ambassador of Concordia.

Despite a six-year absence—in 2015 Frosch accepted an alumni position at his Alma mater, Concordia University Texas—he has never been forgotten by his colleagues and scores of students who are now alumni.

“When Jeff hosted me for a visit at Concordia, I remember how amazing it was to see him interact with the students,” says Doug Bender, associate campus pastor. ”He really knew everyone we passed in the hallways. Then I realized that he was taking the time to really get to know me, too. He asked me details about my life and wanted to understand where I was coming from because he genuinely cared about me and wanted to help me find my fit on campus.”

Frosch considers it a great privilege to work at a distinctively Lutheran institution like CUWAA that is dedicated to a mission of preparing students in mind, body, and spirit to serve Christ and the world.

“To me, CUW has always been the ‘City on the Hill’ and I was blessed to watch a lot of it happen,” says Frosch. “Think about all the ways that Concordia has expanded over the last 25 years. This place embraces excellence.”

Among the many developments Frosch witnessed, the merger of Concordia University Wisconsin and Concordia University Ann Arbor in 2012 is, in his opinion, the most significant.

“We have this unique concept of one university, one mission, and two campuses,” says Frosch. “I’m very interested in helping students understand and unpack all the different opportunities and possibilities that our merger affords them. It’s incredible.”

In his remote position, Frosch will represent both campuses equally at gatherings, conventions, and college fairs throughout the country.

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— Lisa Liljegren is vice president of marketing and strategic communications.

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