Concordia University Wisconsin has hired two part-time Intake and Triage Coordinators to assist students looking to utilize mental health services at Concordia.

Because CUW offers such a wide array of mental health and wellness services for students, Intake and Triage Coordinators exist to connect students with the right resources, so that our certified counselors don’t become overwhelmed with processing requests.

If you are a faculty or staff member at CUW and you are in contact with a student who needs help, here is the process we ask you to follow.

1. Communicate with the Student

Inform the student of your desire to connect them with someone who can support them through their current situation. Remind them of confidentiality and that you will not be informed if they use the service or not.

2. Email Student Wellness

Let the student know you want to cc them in an email to Student Wellness to start the connection. The Student Wellness email is As an alternative, you can also walk the student to the Student Wellness Office during office hours for an immediate connection.

3. Student Wellness Contacts Student

Once you have contacted Student Wellness with the student cc-ed, the student will receive direct communication from the Intake/Triage Coordinator. A typical response time is 24 hours, but urgent requests are prioritized. Intake/Triage Coordinators then notify the Counseling Department for appointment coordination.

If you believe a student is at risk of hurting themselves or others…

Assess the suicide risk and activate appropriate services. For immediate danger, contact campus safety or call 911. Email Student Wellness to inform them that emergency services were activated. If a parent calls out of concern for the student’s safety or to request a wellness check, direct them to Campus Safety at 262-243-4344.

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