Concordia University is fortunate to have a diverse array of practitioner-scholars teaching in its new Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program. In addition to the mentorship provided by our professional faculty, students pursuing the program outside of the U.S. are also supported by the DBA International Team.

Meet your DBA International Team

One of the reasons Concordia University’s DBA Program is so distinctive, is the academic and holistic support provided to each and every student. DBA students outside of the U.S. can expect to feel connected to our institution and supported by a few key individuals. To finish our series on the DBA administrative and support personnel available to assist our students, we introduce you to the DBA International Team:

Associate Vice President of International Affairs and Associate Professor

Dr. Brian Curry serves as Associate Vice President of International Affairs and Associate Professor. He leads the Concordia International Center (CIC) and was instrumental in the development of the DBA Program. He previously served as program director of the MBA, MPD, and Business Scholars Programs at CUW. From 2014-2018, Dr. Curry was CEO of Simply 1Life, Inc., a personalized nutrition company.

Dr. Curry’s academic background includes a PhD in Cell Biology, Neurology, and Anatomy, and he has also earned three master’s degrees, in Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacology and Toxicology; as well as an MBA in Management. Dr. Curry also holds certificates in Machine Learning and Financial Analysis.

In terms of the DBA Program, Dr. Curry is responsible for coordinating the university’s international opportunities. He develops strategies and oversees the program offerings that foster inclusion of diverse groups of international students within the university community. Dr. Curry also teaches within the DBA Program.

Jessica Valdes, International Offshores Program Coordinator

Jessica Valdes serves as International Offshores Program Coordinator and works collaboratively with teams across Concordia University to deliver a world-class programmatic experience for diverse groups of international students in the university community.

Prior to her current role, Jessica served as Program Coordinator for the domestic MBA Program and previously held the position of Success Advisor for the MBA and MSL Programs at Concordia University. Her academic background includes a master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with concentrations in Leadership and Communications.

To learn more about the Concordia University DBA Program, as well as its unique concentration offerings, please visit us here.

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