Computer Science Student

Are you looking for a new degree that will open the door to new possibilities?

Concordia University Wisconsin’s online Applied Computer Science Bachelor of Arts degree for accelerated students may be the right door to open!

What is the Applied Computer Science degree?

It wasn’t that long ago when students could get a basic degree in Computer Science or a technical degree in Information Technology. However, in the advancing world of technology, more defined and focused degrees are coming into play. We live in a computer-based society with ever-increasing opportunities for students to solve problems using technology.

While traditional Computer Science degrees typically focus on the theoretical understanding of hardware, software, operating systems, databases, interfaces, and coding, the Applied Computer Science degree provides the flexibility to connect computer theory to a wide range of industries. Applied Computer Science students are empowered to solve daily problems by writing software, designing webpages, and creating applications.

The Applied Computer Science degree provides practical knowledge and skills to immediately enter into technology-based positions.

CUW’s program director Dr. Michael Litman states, An Accelerated Degree in Computer Science prepares students in fields such as Software Development creating applications for iPhone, Android, Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, as well as Full-Stack web development.”

Why would an accelerated student study Applied Computer Science?

These days, most accelerated learners have been working under the influence of computers in the workplace. Some may wonder how computers work but others are intrigued by using computers to make things better and more efficient.

Most working adults looking for a degree have seen the value and the salary increases that can come from applied computing skills.

As stated in the NACE’s Fall 2019 Salary Survey, salaries for computer science positions increased by almost 10.2% between 2018 and 2019. The demand for workers with computer-related skills has sky-rocketed. So, Concordia University has created an exciting offering for busy accelerated students looking for online and evening-based classes.

Who should pursue an Applied Computer Science degree?

You don’t need to have a formal background in computer science. As Dr. Litman suggests, “Any previous degree work is fine. Students with a science or math background likely have the easiest transition. However, the program assumes no prior experience, so nobody would be at a schooling-based disadvantage. Those with natural talent and interest in the field would have an additional advantage.”

The most successful students in any computer field possess analytical abilities and a natural curiosity for logical problem-solving. Accelerated students motivated through their previous work experience to advance their careers. Students with computer skills, and a drive to adapt software, manage information systems, and develop new programs will excel in this exciting program.

Concordia’s Applied Computer Science degree prepares you to serve in the community.

Led by our Christ-centered values, we believe that the best technology leaders demonstrate both uncompromising compassion and unmatched competitive skills.

As a Concordia Applied Computer Science graduate, you can expect to excel as you develop a genuine, ethical mindset complemented by business analytical acumen that is unmatched in the market. In addition to the necessary computer skills, students learn from The Concordia Core which embraces our distinctive Lutheran theology in the context of a dynamic educational experience.

You will be prepared to achieve your God-given potential in this 21st-century career context through the study of Faith, Society and Culture, Human Creativity and Expression, The Natural World, Human Beings and Being Human, and Communication and Language.

An Applied Computer Science degree equips you to work in any industry.

Graduates of the program can use their skills in a broad range of industries including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, non-profits, consumer internet, automotive, and education. As Dr. Litman suggests, “Many companies have software development needs in all sorts of industries.  Places like banks, insurance companies, and marketing agencies, along with more obvious companies like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, and Google. These are all potential employers for people with a degree in Software Development.”

The door to the world of computers is open.  Are you ready to step through?

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This blog was originally published on December 3, 2020. It has been updated to reflect current information.