should i get a dba or edd

When comparing Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) programs with Doctorate of Education (EdD) programs, it can be hard to determine which one is the best fit for you.

What are your career goals?

Nobody knows your goals and dreams better than you do. So, what are your career goals? Why are you pursuing a doctorate? Thinking through your “why” is an essential part of selecting the program that fits you best.

Concordia offers both DBA and EdD programs. The infographic above explores the similarities and differences between both doctorate programs. The similarities are in the middle, and each program’s distinct features are to the left and right, respectively.

DBA vs LICI program diagram

Concordia’s DBA Program

The Doctorate of Business Administration program prepares you for the complexities that are ever-present in the business world. Concordia University takes a holistic approach to prepare Christian leaders, and the students in our program will learn to address these problems by combining both quantitative and qualitative business concepts. This approach leads to real change that translates to long-term growth and profitability.

The DBA Program has four concentrations:

  • Finance and Economic Management
  • Organizational Change and Performance
  • Business Sustainability

What sets Concordia’s DBA apart from other programs?

Our program will prepare you as a leader to make data-informed decisions through the study of real-world business and organizational trends. We will address not only quantitative business concepts but qualitative concepts as well. Our doctorate is much more balanced. The qualitative aspect of teaching the human element and a holistic approach sets us apart from other schools. 

Students are coming to us because of the way we structure our research project. You’ll begin your research right away, and you’ll have 1:1 mentoring and support throughout the process.

Who is the ideal student for the DBA program?

If you’re highly motivated and looking at improving both your personal situation and your organization, you should consider this program. Often, a DBA is preferred for candidates seeking promotions. Our program emphasizes leadership and administration, and if you can see yourself enjoying one of our three concentrations, this program could be a great fit for you.

Concordia’s EdD (LICI) Program

Concordia’s Doctorate of Education in Leadership in Continuous Improvement (LICI) is a cross-disciplinary program that will help you develop into an innovator who can make an impact in any vocation.

The mission of the EdD (LICI) program is to prepare and equip you to be driven to learn.

There are three core areas of concentrated study in this program.

  • Leadership Core
  • The Innovation and Improvement Science Core
  • The Research Core

You can customize these cores to meet your needs. Additionally, you can choose either the Business Emphasis or the Education Emphasis for your electives, or a combination of the two.

What sets Concordia’s EdD (LICI) program apart from other programs?

Innovation and continuous improvement are vital to the health of any organization. These two aspects are the foundation of our program. Also, the interdisciplinary nature of the program is much more realistic and global than what other programs can offer. Our student makeup reflects this as well. Students begin their dissertation work on day one. This doctorate is for working professionals, and we structure our research to meet their unique needs. Our program infuses Christian teachings along the doctoral journey.

Who is the ideal student for this program?

Growth-minded individuals who want to apply teaching and learning across disciplines will love this program. The research process will be especially enjoyable if you want to find real-world answers to big problems. Our focus is on continuous improvement and innovation, so anyone who wants to grow personally and help their organization improve will be a good fit.

Next Steps

You’ve just learned a little more about Concordia’s DBA and EdD (LICI) programs. If you’re still feeling unsure about which direction you want to go, feel free to request more information about our DBA or EdD (LICI) programs. Our university’s name, Concordia, literally means “hearts together.” Your journey continues one step at a time, and we’d love to walk alongside you.

This blog was originally published on December 23, 2020. It has been updated to reflect current information.