It’s Celebration of Faculty Week at Concordia University.

In a typical year, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs would host an event to honor the faculty and staff whose hard work resulted in gifts of grants for the benefit of the university. This year, the decision was made to cancel the in-person gathering due to COVID.

Nevertheless, we are taking a moment to celebrate our colleagues for their important work and the direct impact it has on students. The following individuals from Concordia’s Mequon and Ann Arbor campuses (listed in alphabetical order) received grants between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2020.

*Please note that multiple people beyond those listed played a vital role is securing grants. The names listed reflect the principal investigators.

Office of Advancement

Diane Ames, School of Nursing

Jennifer Becker and Jim Pingel, School of Education

Mike Brown, School of Pharmacy

Sharon Chappy, School of Nursing

Chris Cunningham, School of Pharmacy

Mary Dittmar, School of Nursing

  • Southeastern Wisconsin-Enhancing Regional Technology Commercialization (Virtual Learning) (Fiscal year 18) | Funded by National Science Foundation

Randy Duncan, Campus Ministry and Ryan Peterson, President’s Office

Elizabeth Evans, CELT, and Rachel Pickett, School of Arts and Sciences

Cindy Fenske, School of Nursing

Steven Gerner, Student Life

Ken Harris, Batterman School of Business

Jill Krell, School of Nursing

Erin Laverick, School of Arts and Sciences, and the late Gerry Dzuiblinski

Sarah Lovern, Hilary Madinger, Mark Schmitz, School of Arts and Sciences, and Pedro Zavala, School of Pharmacy

Joseph McGraw, School of Pharmacy

Elliott Moeser, School of Education

Robby Mueller, School of Pharmacy

Michael Oldani, School of Pharmacy

  • I-CORPS Sites: Southeastern Wisconsin-Enhancing Regional Technology Commercialization (Fiscal year 19) | Funded by National Science Foundation

Darcy Paape, Campus Ministry

  • Women’s Leadership Institute: Intergenerational Communication Strategies (Fiscal year 18 & 19) | Funded by Siebert Lutheran Foundation

Ryan Peterson, President’s Office

Jim Pingel, School of Education

Sarah Ray, School of Pharmacy

Dan Sem, Batterman School of Business

  • Development of ER beta agonists to treat post-menopausal memory decline (Fiscal year 18) | Funded by National Institute of Health
  • I-Corps: Vivid Microscopy LLC: Imaging Thiols to Understand Oxidative Stress (Fiscal year 18) | Funded by National Science Foundation
  • National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (Fiscal year 19) | Funded by National Institute of Health
  • Liberty, Virtue, and Economics Summit (Fiscal year 19) | Funded by Acton Institute
  • Healthcare Economics Summit and The Purple Solution (Fiscal year 19) | Funded by Charles Koch Foundation

Sandy Slater, School of Pharmacy

Giannina Vernon, School of Nursing

Amanda Williams-Contreras, Theater

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