Are you considering a career in social work? If you have a heart for social justice and helping those in need, we need you in social work.

Your zeal and compassion are uncommon and you have what it takes to create change to make a difference in the world. A career in Social Work will challenge you, but reward you in ways you never thought possible. It is an ever-changing field that requires fervent dedication to the growing needs of all people. Whether you’re embarking on your first degree in social work or thinking about earning your master’s degree, we’re here to help you learn more about the field and figure out if it’s the right fit for you.

To get started, we want to share a few quotes from our faculty who are passionate about the field and teaching others in the profession. Read through their quotes to learn why they chose social work and see if any of their thoughts resonate with you.

“Social work is a meaningful, action-packed calling; it’s an opportunity to empower people, pull communities together, promote social justice, and advocate for real change.  We have the incredible honor and responsibility of walking into the darkest moments in a person’s life and offering a possible solution—a glimmer of hope. We are rewarded by having a front row seat to the capacity for resiliency in the human spirit.”  Professor and Field Coordinator, Nichole Ostrowski, MSW, CAPSW

“Social work is a God-given calling! We are the voice for those who are voiceless and fighters for those who are an unable to fight on their own. Social workers represent the populations that have been ignored, oppressed, and discriminated against. Social work is answering God’s call to assist those who are in need.” Professor, Dr. Roxxi Davis, DSW, LCSW, APSW

“I believe the deepest experience of meaning in life is when we serve the other person. Jesus, who lived a self-less, others-centered life of compassion said, ‘Those who lose their life for his sake will find it.’ The field of social work provides an opportunity for us to live out this call, to give hope, to serve others, and to change lives as a vocation, both as a calling and as a fulfilling career.” Professor and BSW Coordinator, Eric J. Shanburn, BSW

“Growing up in the church, I learned the importance of serving others. My father was a pastor and I saw daily examples of serving others and paying it forward to help people. I didn’t know exactly what it was called as a child, but I knew I wanted to help make a difference in someone’s life. When I went to college, I learned that my passion for helping had a name—it was called social work. I have been in this field for more than 25 years, with no regrets. I have worked in child welfare, clinical, and education as a social worker. My rewards has been paid over and over after seeing the success of my clients meet their goals.” Professor, Dr. Arletta Frazier-Tucker, DSW

If you feel called to the Social Work field, please take a look at the bachelor’s and master’s admission requirements.

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