Concordia Pharmacy Student Rachel KnorrConcordia Pharmacy Student Rachel Knorr

What is summer like for a Concordia School of Pharmacy student?

What is it like to be a pharmacy student over the summer?

Summers are great for building a critical pharmacy network, strengthening practical work skills, and allowing for some relaxation and mental refresh before classes resume. Concordia University believes in the importance of a 4-year curriculum.

Why choose a 4-year program?

School of Pharmacy Director of Recruitment and Admissions Kaylan Gaines states: “Our manageable 4-year program is all about balance and flexibility for students. Most importantly, the 4 year route allows our students to digest the curriculum and build a well-rounded experience in their pharmacy education. Also, we believe our students have a great quality of life by having time to engage in student activities, build their pharmacy network and experience, and have the flexibility to dedicate time to their personal relationships or obligations.”

Concordia University’s 4-year program gives students the summers to fully immerse in these important commitments. Rachel Knorr explains why she values her experience as a pharmacy student in a 4-year program.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Rachel Knorr. I’m from a small town in central Wisconsin called Fremont. I went to Marquette University for undergrad, where I majored in Biomedical Sciences and minored in Environmental Studies. In the Fall, I will be going into my second year of pharmacy school at Concordia. I work as an inpatient pharmacy technician at Ascension St. Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee. In my free time, I enjoy getting outside and relaxing with family and friends.

What are your plans to recharge from this past semester?

To recharge this summer, I plan on getting home to hang out with friends and family. I will also take a break from school by catching up on some Netflix shows and adventuring with friends.

What are your activities/plans for the summer?

This summer, I plan on working at St. Joes as a full-time technician. I will also be heading home and up north a few weekends to hang out with friends and family for some lake days. Lastly, I plan on going to multiple Brewer’s games and checking out the Thiensville/Mequon area, since this is my first full summer here!

Do you have plans for the summer to build your pharmacy network or pharmacy skills?

My work at Ascension St. Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee will help me stay sharp. I have been working there for three years, and I’ll continue to work almost full-time in the summer. I’m also increasing my skills as a technician by becoming trained in compounding chemotherapy drugs.

What has your experience as a student been like at Concordia’s School of Pharmacy?

My first year at Concordia was great! I truly appreciate the School of Pharmacy’s dedication to getting us partially on campus. Because of that, I was able to meet my professors and new friends! I was also able to get involved in multiple organizations on campus which helped me meet new people and gain meaningful experiences in the school of pharmacy. Based on my first year, I’m excited to get back to campus for my P2 year after a summer of recharging!

Do you want to know more?

If you want to know more about what Concordia’s School of Pharmacy could mean for you, you can connect with our Admissions Team here. Our team is equipped to answer your questions and ready to get you the information you need.

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