Are you applying to pharmacy school? Check out these tips to help you through the process.

4 Tips to prepare for applying to pharmacy school

Preparing to Apply

Applying to pharmacy school can be an exciting time for applicants. To help prospective applicants prepare for applying, we have provided 4 tips as a guide for successful application submission.

1. Plan early

Creating a plan is critical to successful application submission. Essentially, you want to create a plan of action to keep yourself accountable and on track with completing the proper steps for applying. Figure out which schools you’re applying to and when you plan to submit your applications. Also, you should take time to self-reflect. This will help you develop your reasons for pursuing pharmacy. Also, you’ll be able to determine if the schools you’re interested in align with your wants and needs.

  • At Concordia, our admissions team can set up times with you to explore how our offerings align to your wants or needs in a pharmacy school. We also can help you create a plan of action for applying.

2. Understand the application process and timeline

When applying to pharmacy school, you should know and understand the application process of the school you are applying to and their admissions timeline. Each school of pharmacy has their own application process and admissions timeline, so it’s important you are able to differentiate.

  • Concordia’s application process requires applying via PharmCas and our application deadline is June 1.
  • We encourage applicants to apply as soon as they are comfortable.
  • We have a rolling admissions process, which means submitted applications are reviewed for consideration as soon as they are received.
  • Prospective applicants can discuss with the admissions team on the best time for them to apply.

3. Work on the strength of your application

In order for schools to see your full potential as a student in their program, you have to put your best foot forward with the information you provide in your application. Each pharmacy school has different criteria in how they review applicants for admission. To make yourself the strongest applicant possible, we encourage applicants review the selection criteria and match their accomplishments or experiences to the school’s criteria.

  • At Concordia, PCAT scores are optional and we enforce a holistic admissions review method that looks further than academics.
  • Other areas reviewed are communication skills, pharmacy experience, service, and leadership. Our admissions team can discuss with you how to become a more competitive applicant.

4. Complete the requirements

There will be requirements such as letters of reference and official transcripts. You’ll need to submit these when you’re applying. Each pharmacy school determines the number of references needed to be reviewed for admission and number of prerequisites needed before enrolling with them. Prior to applying, we recommend finding references who can talk about your leadership or service skills and accomplishments academically or professionally. Also, we encourage you to review the needed academic prerequisites prior to applying.

  • Concordia requires 2 letters of reference to be reviewed for admission and 56 credits of Pre-Pharmacy coursework prior to enrolling.
  • Applicants often are completing the required Pre-Pharmacy coursework while applying to pharmacy school. To get a full picture of unfulfilled Pre-Pharmacy coursework, we are able to perform a transcript evaluation to make sure you are on track to fulfilling the prerequisites.

Contact our admissions and recruitment team at to learn more about the application process.

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