CUW School of Pharmacy Alumni Erin McGurtyCUW School of Pharmacy Alumni Erin McGurty

Oncology pharmacy is a unique and specialized field.

Concordia University School of Pharmacy graduate Erin McGurty accepted the role of clinical ambulatory oncology pharmacist at Froedtert Hospital and started in January of 2021.

Erin’s primary responsibility is at the Courage Clinic at Froedtert’s Clinical Cancer Center. She will focus her clinical expertise with the gynecologic and thoracic malignancy teams in addition to the palliative care team. Prior to accepting the Courage Clinic role, Erin worked as a clinical oncology pharmacist rotating into multiple clinical settings across both ambulatory and inpatient.

What makes this job interesting to you?

A job like this isn’t common in the world of pharmacy. There are 7 pharmacists at Froedtert’s main campus Cancer Center that have a role in a specialized clinic. We work directly with oncologists and nurses as a resource for chemotherapy (IV and oral chemotherapy) and maintain an oral chemotherapy monitoring program. We serve as the pharmacy disease state specialists.

What are you excited about with this new role in oncology pharmacy?

I’m excited for more precepting opportunities with students and residents. As my previous position was a floating position throughout the Cancer Center, this position enables me to precept students from the beginning to the end of a rotation and watch clinical skills develop.

What would you like people to know about oncology, or gynecologic and thoracic malignancy?

There are extremely exciting new treatments on the horizon in both disease states, but especially in thoracic oncology. Research is finding more mutations to target in this cancer, which will ultimately lead to longer survival times for patients. 

Was it your goal to end up working in oncology pharmacy?

I initially had an interest in both the inpatient and ambulatory roles within oncology, but after spending more time in the clinic, realized that it was a great fit for me. Once I figured that out, it became a goal of mine to end up with this position.

What did you like about your time at Concordia University’s School of Pharmacy?

I built long-lasting friendships at Concordia. I have fond memories of my time there. As a student, I felt that the faculty listened to our needs and treated us like professional peers. 

Did Concordia prepare you for your career in pharmacy?

Concordia University did an excellent job preparing me for residency and my career.  After graduating, I completed 2 years of residency, one of which was a specialization in oncology. I feel like this position is the culmination of all of those years of training.

The future is bright for this 2016 School of Pharmacy alum

Erin graduated from Concordia University School of Pharmacy in 2016 and completed her PGY1 and PGY2 oncology residency at Froedtert.

“Since residency, Erin has been an incredibly collaborative pharmacist in the cancer and investigational service line, staffing in a variety of clinical populations as well as the Cancer Center Translational Research Unit,” said Mindy Waggoner, Pharmacy Manager-Oncology and Investigational Drug Service at Froedtert Hospital, “We look forward to working with Erin in this new capacity and are excited for her continued work with the service line.”

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