Graduates of all 16 Wisconsin technical colleges have opportunity to transfer up to 84 credits toward a Concordia bachelor’s degree.

Concordia recently inked a comprehensive agreement with the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). The partnership ensures that those who graduate with an associate degree have an easy pathway to a full undergraduate degree.

Technical colleges involved in the new deal include:

Students who meet Concordia’s admission criteria may qualify to transfer up to 84 credits that were earned with a grade of D or above at a WTCS institution. The agreement covers a range of degrees earned at a WTCS school: Associate of Arts, Associate of Sciences, Associate Degree of Applied Arts, or Associate Degree of Applied Sciences. WTCS grads can apply the transfer promise to either of Concordia’s campus locations—in either Mequon, Wisconsin, or Ann Arbor, Michigan.

While other institutions of higher education in Wisconsin recently announced similar “admissions guarantees” for technical college graduates, Concordia’s transfer option is among the most generous of the offers. With CUWAA’s offer, an WTCS transfer could be a mere 36 credits shy of a bachelor’s degree at Concordia.

“The overarching agreement reflects a commitment to collaboration,” says Ana Sanchez, outreach specialist for Concordia. “Our goal is to foster a pathway for students to transition with ease from a Wisconsin technical college to a bachelor program at Concordia University.”

For years, Concordia has had transfer promises in place with various technical colleges throughout the state, but this most recent agreement simplifies the process for the student even more and increases the number of transfer credits that Concordia will accept.

Want in?

To claim their transfer opportunity, WTCS students need to simply fill out Concordia’s free application. Once the application is complete, an admission counselor will reach out to discuss the most optimal degree routes for the student.