Jennifer Becker, Ph.D. is the Director of Licensing and Assessment in CUW’s School of Education and also serves as the Director of the Office of Field Experience. Her teaching responsibilities include both graduate and undergraduate education courses. Dr. Becker has also been serving as the Assistant Director of the Doctorate of Education in Leadership in Innovation and Continuous Improvement (LICI) and as advisor to the New York LICI program co-horts.

How long have you been serving in education and what made you choose this career path?

Prior to joining Concordia University Wisconsin, I served for 20 years as a K-12 teacher. My greatest joy over those years was making learning an enjoyable experience and inspiring children to become lifelong learners. Now educating at the University level, helping adult students discover learning tactics and supporting them as they find answers to their questions, inspires me as a teacher. I am now able to help pre-service teachers discover the how and why of teaching and learning. Then they can create student-centered classrooms where children are supported as they discover their world.

Any advice for current teachers/administrators?

Of course, teaching isn’t all joyful learning and exciting “light-bulb” moments. Balancing the demands of teaching and personal life is one of the greatest challenges of all. In the midst of the challenges, remember the students are your ministry and establishing strong connections enables deep learning to take place. Take joy in the role you’re able to play in student development and lifelong learning habits.

What are the strengths of Concordia’s Ed.D. program?

My favorite course to teach in our LICI program is our Dissertation Seminar, allowing me to support my student’s exciting research. The structure of our dissertation process and the multi-disciplinary programming is our strength. Students get to work with their dissertation chair from the very beginning. This individualized support continues throughout the entire program creating an excellent student experience and producing higher quality dissertations.

Name something fun about yourself?

Well, I enjoy farming and gardening, which can be more challenging in Wisconsin’s shortened growing season, but I like the challenge. One of the things I learned long ago is that, depending on my chosen plants, starting seedlings indoors in February is a must and saves me the expense of buying started plants from the store. This year I hope to try making a quilt, so if you have any quilting experience please send your advice!

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