Check out these four ways you can earn your bachelor's and master's in less time than usual.

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s in less time

College might be the time of your life, but there are good reasons for trying to earn a bachelor’s and master’s in less time than the traditional path. Check out these degree pairings that will save you time and money.

1) B.S. in Business + MBA

The Business Scholars program at Concordia University offers students a fast-track to accomplishing their goals while saving money.


  • Earn your bachelor’s and MBA in four years
  • Tuition costs are the same as regular four-year undergraduate fees
  • Begin as an incoming freshman


    • Only open to first-year business students
    • High School Cumulative GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0
    • ACT scores of 25 or higher
    • Combined SAT scores of 1200 or higher

Click here to read about the newly inducted Business Scholars class.


2) Professional Business Scholars

The Professional Business Scholars program gives adult students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree in business management and an MBA in four years. (If you have transfer credits, it could be even less time!)


  • Start or finish your bachelor’s and earn an MBA
  • Flexible curriculum, with online and evening options
  • Plans for face-to-face learning when the pandemic clears

To learn more about the program and its requirements, contact Sarah Pecor at


3) Bachelor’s in Computer Science + Master’s in Computer Science

If you study computer science at Concordia, you’ll get a firm foundation of computer science theory. The technical core will require you to learn the ins and outs of hardware, software, operating systems, databases, coding, and user interfaces. Both in your bachelor’s and master’s, you’ll have the chance to specialize with concentrations and expand your knowledge through electives.


  • Earn a bachelor’s and master’s in four years
  • Tuition costs are the same as the regular four-year undergraduate degree


  • A 3.5 GPA or higher
  • 25 minimum ACT score
  • 18 credits per semester + Winterim, online, or summer courses
  • Completion of internship or research project in a related field

Hear from Emily and Elaine about why the Computer Science Scholars program was right for them.

Contact Program Director Dr. Michael Litman for more information.


4) Accelerated Bachelor’s in Elementary Education + Master’s in Teaching and Learning

Is becoming a teacher your dream? Check out Concordia’s new accelerated bachelor’s in elementary education for adult students. When you’re finished, you’ll be a licensed teacher and can start your master’s, if you choose.

The Master of Science in Teaching and Learning sets you up to maximize your impact in the classroom. You’ll analyze newly developed techniques that will help your students learn better.


  • Earn a bachelor’s + teaching license in 3 years
  • Starting your master’s right after allows you to continually improve as a professional
  • Flexible online courses

Learn more about becoming a teacher through Concordia’s programs HERE.

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