Get to know Assistant Director of Computing Operations Justin Cross!

For many new employees at CUW, Justin Cross is likely among the people you’ll meet on Day 1. As Assistant Director of Computing Operations, part of Justin’s role is to ensure employees start their first day with technology they need to be successful. And there’s no better person to be among the “Welcome Crew” to Concordia. His patient, non-judgmental, affable nature is just the type personality you’d want in an IT guy.

That’s basic stuff. Read on to learn a few fun facts about Justin Cross!

Justin Cross

Assistant Director of Computing Operations

How long have you been at CUW?

8 years

Favorite childhood memory?

Summers at Deep River Water Park in my home state of Indiana

What was your first prized possession?

A kids Snoopy watch

Who is a teacher or leader that inspires you?

James Dobson from Focus on the Family

Do you have any hidden talents?

I play the drums!

A “first” you’ve undertaken in the past couple of years…

I’m making my way through the American Film Institute’s Top 100 films of all time.  

Something that never fails to make you laugh…

Watching my cat play with his laser pointer

First thing that attracted you to Concordia…

I was excited to work and learn in a place that encourages my faith and the faith of others.   

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