Concordia University offers cutting-edge and personalized professional development programs that go beyond the one-size-fits-all mentality. We can help you create tailored opportunities for your company, by providing a one-of-kind learning experience for your employees.

Success Story: Sendik’s Bootcamp At Concordia

Recently, Concordia had the honor of hosting seven highly successful Sendik’s Bootcamps on our campus. Over 200 Sendik’s employees participated in these sessions. The bootcamps focused on identifying and nurturing individual strengths, enhancing team-building skills, and emphasizing the importance of unlocking each employee’s full potential.

The feedback received from Sendik’s was encouraging.

“We were very pleased working with the Concordia team on this workshop,” said Sendik’s President Mark Kahl. “They were open and honest and were very receptive to tailoring this class to the ‘Sendik’s Culture.’ Our leaders provided universally positive feedback. It was a valuable use of our time.”

What makes customized professional development from Concordia unique? 

“We take pride in listening to our clients, capturing their unique cultures and customizing professional development based on that feedback,” said Assistant Vice President, Continuing Education Studies Sarah Pecor. “It is an honor to hear our clients say they appreciated the partnership collaboration efforts and flexibility in order to make their learning experience personalized.”

Concordia’s bootcamp approach to professional development ensures a highly personalized learning experience for employees. Through targeted workshops, we offer hands-on activities, and interactive sessions, participants research into topics that directly relate to their roles and responsibilities.

We appreciate the collaboration and partnership efforts by both teams, which led to a program tailored to unique needs. The emphasis on personalized development was a hit, as employees felt a strong sense of connection to the training content.

Investing in your employee’s growth and development is crucial for the long-term success of your company. By choosing Concordia University for your professional development needs, you are not only providing your team with valuable knowledge and skills but also investing in a customized approach that aligns with your company’s vision and culture.

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The Division of Continuing Education Studies seeks to meet learners where they are, creating innovative lifelong learning opportunities that provide high-impact, flexible, accessible, transformational learning experiences for all through their life span—whether a youth, young adult, working professional or those on their retirement journey—in accordance with and advancement of Concordia’s mission.