Meet the current Concordians who will help welcome our new crop of incoming and transfer students during Fall Welcome Weekend.

Every year Concordia’s Fall Welcome Weekend invites new and transfer students to get to know CUW and its community with a whole lot of pomp and circumstance. To help make the experience beneficial, Concordia recruits a team of returning Concordia students to connect with the new students and help orient them to life at CUW.

Meet this year’s team of New Student Experience staffers.

New Student Experience Team

Moriah Bagin

Hometown: Richfield, Wisconsin

Major: Hospitality and Event Business

Fun Fact: I was a clumsy child and had to have stitches in the front and back of my head

Advice: Get involved in as much as you can freshman year. Sign up for clubs at the co-curricular fair and try to attend several meetings and then pick a few of your favorites and stick with those.



Lily Bansemar

Hometown: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Fun Fact: I have been snorkeling in Mexico.

Advice: There are so many resources and people that want you to succeed here at CUW, so do not be hesitant to ask for help or support during the first year! Or any year, for that matter.



Humberto Barraza

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Major: Secondary Education (Mathematics)

Fun Fact: I can speak conversationally in four languages.

Advice: Be bold! Say hi to someone new! Ask someone for their snap! (Hint, hint: everyone else is new too, so they probably want to be friends too!!!)



Miranda Briones

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Major: Secondary Education (Mathematics)

Fun Fact: I once pulled an all-nighter for an exam.

Advice: Do not pull an all-nighter for an exam. Get sleep!




Kennedi Coffman

Hometown: Duluth, Minnesota

Major: Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Fun Fact: As a true Minnesotan, my favorite food is tatertot hotdish!

Advice: Be kind to people! Taking time to show others that you care is the best way to get to know new people. College is going to be the shortest, most enjoyable, yet hectic, time of your life! Take time to take care of yourself and those around you. We are so glad to have you here!



Emily DeRuyter

Hometown: Slinger, Wisconsin

Major: Rehabilitation Science, Accelerated pre-PT program

Fun Fact: I can say the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish

Advice: Try new things, get connected with others, and have faith that you’re doing the best you can!




Abby Hafemann

Hometown: Hales Corners, Wisconsin

Major: Nursing

Fun Fact: My middle name is spelled wrong on my birth certificate.

Advice: Get sleep! It may seem fun to stay up late every night and procrastinate homework, but it will catch up with you. Work in advance on homework during the weeks that it seems like you have nothing to do, and time manager so you have time to hang out with your friends and maintain a steady sleep schedule.



Abby McGue

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Major: Mass Communications

Fun Fact: I have been a vegetarian for over three years.

Advice: Get our of your comfort zone. Do things that may feel uncomfortable at first because they will definitely pay off in the end.



Lexington McKillips

Hometown: Edgerton, Wisconsin

Major: Interior Architecture and Design; Hospitality and Event Management minor

Fun Fact: My first job was as a cake decorator and I am on the volleyball team at CUW.

Advice: Try to get connected in CUW, whether it’s sports or clubs, because the connections you find in college are priceless.




Zion Nelson

Hometown: Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Major: Applied Theology (Pre-seminary); Theater and theological languages minor

Fun Fact: For some reason, I thought about putting a tomato on my peanut butter waffle once. To this day, I am contemplating the possibility.

Advice: Get yourself involved, participate in as many clubs as you can, and stick with the ones that you enjoy. Go to events and introduce yourself. Everyone is extremely welcoming here and looks forward to greeting new faces. College is a fresh start so make sure to take advantage of it, but no matter what, God has a plan for you so don’t stress about it.


Jack Ramstack

Hometown: Germantown, Wisconsin

Major: Athletic Training

Fun Fact: I have seen every episode of Scooby-Doo.

Advice: Be persistent and do you. Don’t take everything so seriously. You’ll be fine. Just relax.




Alyssa Rider

Hometown: Menasha, Wisconsin

Major: Athletic Training

Fun Fact: I am a twin.

Advice: Remember that difficult does not mean impossible. No matter how hard school is you will find a way to get through it.



Alicia Schroder

Hometown: Hilbert, Wisconsin

Major: Lutheran Elementary Education

Fun Fact: I have traveled to London, Paris, Florence, and Rome!

Advice: Do not be afraid to try something new, and do not be afraid to ask your professors for help.




Julia Schulteis

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

Major: Lutheran Elementary Education; English and theology minor

Fun Fact: I’m an ambivert, which for me means I have no idea if I’m more introverted or extraverted.

Advice: You belong here! At first, it’s easy to feel like you don’t belong, but don’t be afraid to be yourself. Try new things and find your rhythm.



Olivia Sherman

Hometown: McKinney, Texas

Major: Rehab Science; Accelerated OT

Fun Fact: I am very extroverted and have been on 10 mission trips in my life.

Advice: Surround yourself with people who encourage you and lift you up!




Christina Slick

Hometown: Spotsylvania, Virginia

Major: Elementary Education

Fun Fact: I love Taylor Swift!

Advice: Get involved with different clubs and organizations on campus. There’s something for everyone! I was able to meet amazing people and get awesome leadership opportunities that have been able to help me grow as an individual. It also helps you get our of your room and find friends with the same interests as you.



Adelyn Smith

Hometown: Anitgo, Wisconsin

Major: Occupational Therapy

Fun Fact: I live 30 minutes from a town on a sheep farm.

Advice: Even if it makes you uncomfortable, try new things and sit by new people. Some of my closest friends I met by just sitting by them in the cafeteria.



Kayla Stenz

Hometown: Chilton, Wisconsin

Major: Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Fun Fact: I have a twin brother named Kyle.

Advice: Keep an open mind and be willing to experience new opportunities along the way.




Katie Thomsen

Hometown: Valders, Wisconsin

Major: Rehabilitation Science; Accelerated pre-PT

Fun Fact: I was a gymnast for 12 years and I still coach youth gymnastics at my local YMCA.

Advice: Develop a good school/social life balance early on and work on building these habits from the start. There will be time for everything you need and want to do if you manage your time properly. School is important, but so are the things you love, so do not neglect either.



Lauren Walder

Major: Interior Architecture and Design

Fun Fact: One of my favorite experiences was going canyoneering in Utah.

Advice: Make sure to leave your room and go to the events at the beginning of the year. The people you meet may be your closest friends.




Olivia Walters

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders; Spanish minor

Fun Fact: I am a twin.

Advice: Go to the events on campus! They are all super fun, plus you just might meet people that could be your friends forever!



Issac Zahrt

Hometown: Kronewetter, Wisconsin

Major: Sports and Entertainment Business and Marketing

Fun Fact: I am on the track team here.

Advice: Get involved with as much as possible as soon as you get on campus. This will allow you to quickly and easily make new friends.



New Student Experience Team Leaders

Sarah Deheck

Position: CUW Coordinator of Student Activities

Hometown: Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Degrees: BS in Marketing, Hospitality & Event Management (CUW); MBA in Strategic Marketing (CUW)

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Austria.

Advice: Be sure to watch the sunrise on the bluff every once in a while.



Adam Frederick

Position: NSE Graduate Intern

Hometown: Marchfield, Wisconsin

Degrees: BS in Business Administration (UWGB); Masters of Student Affairs in Higher Education (Marquette)

Fun Fact: I am a notary.

Advice: Enjoy your time while in college. It will be over before you know it.



Katie Slominsky

Position: NSE Undergraduate Intern

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin

Major: Hospitality & Event Business; Spanish

Fun Fact: I work off campus at the Cedarburg Coffee Roastery.

Advice: Use a planner and call your mom!


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