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The School of Pharmacy has hired a new Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Mr. Kaylan Gaines. Kaylan brings 6 years of student recruitment experience to Concordia University. His passion for diversity, relationships, and education promises a steady and impactful recruitment and admissions office for the School of Pharmacy.

New School of Pharmacy Director of Recruitment and Admissions

The School of Pharmacy has hired a new Director of Recruitment and Admissions. Mr. Kaylan Gaines joins the School of Pharmacy from The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management where he served as Manager of Recruiting. Gaines brings 6 years of student recruitment experience to Concordia University. Some of this experience includes time at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. In addition, he has a passion for diversity and wants to make an impact on the lives of others through access to education. Gaines is motivated by overcoming challenges and creating relationships. Read on to meet Mr. Kaylan Gaines, who started June 2020.

Kaylan, please share a bit about yourself:

I have been in higher education the past 6 years working in student recruitment. I understand that applying for school and deciding where to attend is a big deal and often stressful. Working in student recruitment allows me to help people navigate their journey towards education and make their decision process easier.

Ultimately, I enjoy the relationships built with people through the recruitment and admissions process. Higher education is a dynamic field that I care for and believe in.

What drew you to this role?

The opportunity for leadership and my passion for student recruitment. The Director of Recruitment and Admissions role allows me to directly impact a student’s admissions experience. Recruitment and admissions are the frontlines of an institution and this role has influence on how applicants perceive Concordia School of Pharmacy.

Why Concordia University Wisconsin?

CUW has a mission that I align with, which is servant leadership. I also believe in the social and academic offerings that CUW gives to students. Overall, CUW offers the best of both worlds. Students can form quality relationships with staff, faculty, and peers. Also, students have access to city amenities in the Milwaukee area.

What sort of opportunities do you see for pharmacy in particular?

Pharmacy is a field with a lot of opportunity that allows Pharmacists to put their passions in action. Pharmacists play an important role and have the ability to work in numerous settings that serve patients and improve lives. I see the field of Pharmacy continue blossoming and adapting to new ways on serving patients.

How does your passion for diversity relate to Concordia University School of Pharmacy?

I believe diversity is valuable in creating successful, productive environments. As the country becomes more diverse every year, it is important for health care providers to be intentional with understanding diverse communities. CUW has intentional paths built into their curriculum that focuses on value-based, patient-centered care that improves the health of communities in rural and urban areas.

What would you want someone considering applying to pharmacy school to know?

Often, there is a misperception of what the field of pharmacy is; my goal is to help change that. Recruitment and Admissions at Concordia School of Pharmacy is here for applicants to help them understand their options and assist them towards their educational dreams.

If you are interested in the Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, you are invited to email Kaylan directly at, or visit our website at

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