This week we are once again celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week, and showing our gratitude to the Lutheran primary schools all over the nation. The preschools, elementary schools and high schools are preparing young Christians to enter the mission field and continually proclaim Christ's love throughout their lives.

Here at Concordia we are blessed to have students from Lutheran schools in states across the country. From St. Louis to Rockford, these students were mentored by dedicated teachers and administrators to be witnesses and disciples in every stage of their life.

We are honored to be the continuation of these students’ Lutheran education and hope to build on the strong foundation that began in their home states. Here are some reasons Isaiah Mengesha loves Concordia and why she believes fellow Saint Paul’s Lutheran students would love CUW, too.

Isaiah Mengesha is a freshman studying business. He graduated from St. Paul’s Lutheran High School in Concordia, Missouri in 2018.

What drew you to Concordia?

It was a combination of things like the small class sizes, but also the the feeling of not being a small school at the same time. There are a lot more opportunities here than at a really small school, but it still has the feel of a small school. It’s an easy transition for students coming from St. Paul Lutheran because even though there are a lot more students at Concordia, it still feels like a small, tight-knit community.

Why should someone else from Saint Paul’s come to CUW?

It won’t be as much of a transition as going to another school would be. The Christian environment of course makes the move from high school to college much more manageable. I was open to other options, but for the most part, I knew I wanted to go to a Concordia. I checked out Concordia Irvine, but it didn’t have as many programs and the campus was really small. CUW has a wider variety of programs and bigger facilities. I like having more options.

What is the best event you have attended on campus?

Every Tuesday, the caf does hot cookie night. They make warm, soft cookies in little bowl and they’re the best. A lot of people put ice cream on top and make a sundae out of it. They’re so good and everyone loves them. You can’t miss hot cookie night.

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You can't miss hot cookie night.

Interested in visiting CUW? Join us for Lutheran High School Visit Day on March 6th!


— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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