MBA Student Megan Alig

Have you ever thought about getting an MBA? Current student, Megan Alig, shares what her experience has been like.

Megan Alig’s experience at Concordia

Concordia University Wisconsin Master’s of Business Administration student, Megan Alig, shares what her experience in the MBA program has been like.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Megan Alig and I’m pursuing an MBA in Human Resource Management. I’m a little over halfway through the program and will graduate in May 2023. My bachelor’s degree is actually from CUW as well. I was a dual major in Business Management and Human Resource Management.

For fun, I love spending time with my family. It sounds so cliche, but after our family lost some loved ones a couple years ago, I realized that time with those you love is precious and short. I want to make the most of the life I am given and enjoy each moment, fully present.

Soon I will have a two-year-old and she is the light of mine and my husband’s life. I am really enjoying all the little moment’s life has brought with her in it. It’s been a joy to see her grow older and learn and experience new things. She has been God’s greatest gift to us.

Why did you choose Concordia University?

A unique experience and life circumstances brought me to Concordia. Several years ago, I was a retail store manager working a rotating schedule of days, nights, and weekends alongside my staff. I had given up on ever obtaining my bachelor’s degree because most programs that I knew of had been known to have a very rigid schedule. I just couldn’t fit it into my life due to my work schedule.

At the time, I resided in central Illinois, and through conversation with my sister-in-law who lives near Milwaukee, I became aware of Concordia University. It was at that time I learned that CUW offered a unique, fully online self-paced program. Soon I decided to pursue Concordia due to the flexibility it offered. It gave me options to achieve a dream I never thought I would be able to obtain.

Through hard work of going to school full time virtually, and working full time, I graduated with my bachelor’s from Concordia University in 2019. Only four years after starting my educational journey I transitioned into the career field of Human Resources.

Since then, I have worked in many human resource positions. Most currently I worked as a Manager and HR Business Partner for a few large well-known corporations in the healthcare industry. Throughout my working experience, I have been able to apply many of the things I learned at Concordia University to strategic projects and what I would call foundational functions of my roles.

Coming back to Concordia

Naturally, when deciding to pursue my MBA, it felt like a no-brainer to return to my alma mater for graduate school. Concordia University is a school I can stand behind. Everything I have learned I have used, and I have been able to make further advancements in my career because of the knowledge I have gained from it.

Embrace the things outside of your comfort zone and seek after your dreams and great things will follow. Live Uncommon.
-Megan Alig

What is your favorite thing about the MBA program?

I really enjoy the virtual classes when the class gathers one night a week over zoom. Out of all the classes I have taken, I get the most out of the virtual format. This is because each person brings a unique perspective based on their life experiences, especially those who are currently practicing in the field.

Having the ability to attend a class virtually allows me the flexibility of not having to travel into the classroom. However, it still gives me the experience of being able to connect with my professors and peers.

Do you feel professors are supportive?

Absolutely! Every time I have a question or need help on a particular assignment that I didn’t quite understand, they have always been more than helpful.

Would you recommend the MBA program to others?

Yes! I cannot say enough good things about the MBA-Human Resources Management Program – flexible schedule, professors that care, interactive discussions to further build upon the lessons being taught, alumni scholarships… I could go on.

What do you love about Concordia University?

What I love most about Concordia are the flexibility and the professors. I have been so happy with the level of care in my education. Each professor has helped ensure that I was not only learning the material but thoroughly understanding it as well. And of course, I could say “flexibility” a thousand times – truly this is such a great benefit.

Any advice for future students?

To future students, my advice is to keep your goals in mind, put in the hard work, stay organized, focus on the end result, and have perseverance above all. My story was untraditional, uncommon if you will, but isn’t that life? Embrace the things outside of your comfort zone and seek after your dreams and great things will follow. Live Uncommon.

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