MSN Student Eaman

Eamen Geboy graduated in May 2022 from Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor’s MSN program. She chose to specialize as an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (A-GNP). Read about her story, told from her perspective, below.

Eamen’s story

Choosing Concordia

When I came to Concordia, I couldn’t imagine the transformation-personally and professionally-that would occur in 3 years. After being out of school for 13 years, I enrolled in Concordia’s MSN program. I chose Concordia because the program format and progression plan fit my needs.

Throughout the program, I learned to critically think at higher levels about diseases, assessments, and treatment planning. As a nurse, it would’ve been easy to stay where I was at and where I was comfortable. Thankfully, CUWAA taught me how to push myself to learn more and think more deeply about the aspects of providing care. They also gave me the skills to provide individualized, successful long-term outcomes for my patients.

Having a space to grow

As a student, I value the learning atmosphere provided by the professors and my online peers. I always imagine what it would’ve been like sitting in a classroom. It felt as if all knew each other from interaction during zooms, discussion posts, or private chats.

The professors were very accessible. They interacted and responded thoughtfully while being very encouraging. They all could use their real-life practice knowledge and experience to illustrate the current lessons we were on.

I felt supported in my learning and growth academically, professionally, and spiritually in my time in the CUW MSN nurse practitioner program. Expectations were clear; we knew it would be hard.

I knew, as a student, it would take sacrifice and time. My professors knew it too and that led to personalized and collaborative interactions. In the end, it was all worth it.

Achieving a dream

I took my boards 6 weeks after graduation. During our classes, we prepped for the exam throughout the program. Once I was able to take a board prep class, I felt like heard it all before. I had a solid foundation of knowledge due to the progression of core and MSN classes that the curriculum provided.

When taking boards, I felt nervous but had a sense of peace. I was confident in the skills and expertise of the content I learned at Concordia. Although I found them appropriately difficult at times, I was prepared to take boards. I was able to work through the questions with ease while sometimes awaiting the exam to become more difficult.

Concordia helped to make a long-time dream of mine come true. I always thought I would never have the perseverance, time, or intelligence to pursue an advanced degree, but Concordia made it possible. I will think of my time here fondly; even when I was struggling because it made me who I am today, as a person and a nurse practitioner.

Before graduation, I decorated my cap to say “Do it. The time passes anyway.” Being a student at Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor gave me the confidence to not underestimate myself or what can be accomplished with hard work and commitment to learning.

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