With a plethora of resources to research universities to help to make a college decision, the truth remains that one really must go see a school first hand in order to make an informed decision.

CUW’s several personalized visit day options all provide an excellent view of what Concordia is all about, and, quite often, they seal the deal for many college decisions, with CUW in their favor. Many students from all years and walks of life credit their experience of visiting our campus as a defining moment in their decision to pursue their education at CUW. Concordia has several options for students to tour our campus and meet our faculty of their programs of interest. Our personalized, overnight, and group visit opportunities offer a diversity of tailored insights into what it’s like to be a Falcon. Our knowledgeable student ambassadors and admissions staff can help answer any questions about college life at CUW, and show fully and accurately what one can anticipate at CUW.

See what some of our students have to say about how their visit day experiences paved the way for them to grow at CUW to this day.


James Zahorik

James is a Resident Assistant, Student Government Senator, dedicated Ultimate Frisbee Club member, and A Capella singer for CUW. He attended Reedsville High School, during which he he decided to transition to life at CUW.

CUW’s visit days proved valuable for James.

“I visited the campus twice before deciding. I also visited another UW college, which only highlighted their living spaces and exterior beauty of the campus. I liked how the tour guides were students that would give you honest feedback about how the school ran. They were able to share real life experiences of how they lived at Concordia, and what they thought was so special about it.”

From there he had the information he needed to commit to CUW.

“I decided on Concordia because I knew the school would keep me focused and that I would be held accountable by the professors. The student to professor ratio is so low, that every single professor you have knows you individually, and will know if you are at class or not that day. The professors also are masters in their fields of work, and love to share their experiences”

James experienced a strong feeling of community upon visiting CUW, and the feeling has only grown since.

“Having this family feeling with the professors, and seeing how they really care about each person is what got me to come to Concordia.”

James says the scholarship opportunities he was offered finalized Concordia as the place for him, knowing that the University is capable of giving him the resources he needs, and he is certainly happy with his decision.

“My favorite part about Concordia is the relationships that you make. Everyone is trying to help one another succeed here. The professors really care, and want to help you. The students have their heads on straight, and love to see their friends succeed in whatever they do. As an RA, I get to meet all kinds of people, and it really helps me gain communication skills, as well as networking.”

James is in a particularly unique field of study, for which CUW has given him an outlet to major in.

“Also, one thing about me is that I have an Animation major, which is an Independent major that my professor helped create, so that other art students and I could keep up with today’s evolving world in art and graphics. My classes are set around things that I need to know in order to be ahead of others when it comes to getting a job.”

James offers this advice to students considering CUW:

“When it comes down to it, Concordia is about the people in it. You should come to Concordia because of the professors who work here, and because of how much they care. Because the faculty wants to help you succeed. Because the students want to help one another get better and better. Because the people here really care.”

Jenna Klos

Jenna is a freshman year Rehabilitation Science and Accelerated Masters of Occupational Therapy student. Within just her first year here, she has become deeply involved in several extra-curriculars. She works as a CUW First Impressions Team student worker, is the Community Outreach Chair of Love your Melon, secretary of CUW’s Comfort Dog Club, member of the Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders of CUW, and a musician in CUW’s Pep Band. She is an alum of Grafton High School.

“I chose Concordia based on the strong Accelerated Masters of Occupational Therapy Program (AMOT). I knew I would receive a quality education earning my master’s degree in 4 1/2 years. The AMOT program at Concordia has an excellent reputation in the medical community. Community service is very important to me and I knew CUW would offer me many ways to remain active in my service to others. The positive and caring atmosphere at Concordia sealed the deal for me!”

Upon visiting other universities, CUW seemed to stick out from the bunch.

“I visited and was accepted at several schools including CUW. The sincere personal attention I received at CUW stood out from other schools I visited. Every representative I encountered from CUW actively listened to my questions and spoke directly to me with their responses. I truly felt that everyone I spoke with wanted me to be successful in the pursuit of my degree in occupational therapy. I felt I would be part of something larger than just attaining a degree, I knew my mind, body and spirit would be nurtured for service to Christ and others.”

A misconception Jenna would like to debunk is that you need to travel far from home to receive a quality education. She notes “Many high school students have the mindset that they need to attend a large school preferable out of state to be successful. CUW is literally minutes from my hometown and the small campus size offers many benefits and opportunities to me as a student.”

“My favorite part of CUW is the approachability of professors. I believe my professors know who I am individually and want me to be successful. They are willing to answer questions and provide vital feedback. CUW is a vibrant community where you are able to soar to great heights with the support and encouragement surrounding you every step of the way.”

Emma Sievers

Emma just graduated from CUW with her Psychology degree as of this May. She was a member of the women’s tennis team, A Capella Club, and Best Buddies Club. She graduated from Slinger High School in 2016.

It’s been five years and two graduations since, but Emma’s visit to CUW’s campus remains pivotal.

“I took a tour here the summer after my Junior year of high school. I had previously toured Edgewood College and UW-Madison. Neither of those colleges came close to Concordia.”

When asked if she would like to dispel a misconception some students may have when looking into attending Concordia, Emma notes that some people may be off-put by what may seem like extensive safety and conduct regulations (i e. quiet hours, curfew, etc.).

“I think that the rules are extremely helpful for creating an environment that is optimum for learning. If you want to get an amazing education and create wonderful friendships, this is the place!”

And what a decision it was for Emma to spend her undergrad years at CUW.

“My favorite part about Concordia is the fact that the people here truly care about your well being. My tennis coach cares about who I am as a person as much as my athletic ability. My professors and advisors were extremely invested in prepping me for graduate studies after Concordia. Consider Concordia because it is a place where you will feel that people care about you and want to watch you succeed! I felt so at home here and I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience.”


Mackenzie Heinen

Mackenzie’s major is Communication Sciences and Disorders and she will become a Speech-Language Pathologist in the near future. She was the president of the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association, the treasurer of Volunteer Club, and a member of Youth Ministry and Best Buddies. She came here from West Bend.

“I decided to go to Concordia because I loved the beautiful campus, the small class sizes, and the integration of faith into everyday life. The factor that specifically sealed the deal for me was that through the academic opportunities that my program offered, I was able to graduate a year early. “

Mackenzie did her fair share of exploring when it came time to decide on a university.

“I toured several colleges during my senior year of high school. I attended a visit day and I took a tour of Concordia. Concordia stood out from other schools that I attended because of the welcoming feeling on campus. I met with several friendly students and professors who made me feel at home.”

Mackenzie values her close friends and wanted to make certain she would be able to spend time with them.

“A myth about Concordia that I heard in high school was that many students leave campus on the weekends. I found that many students stay on campus over the weekend. I loved living in the dorms because it allowed me to make great friends that made me want to stay on campus.”

One can learn about numerous aspects of how our school functions through visit days, although there seems to be a reoccurring theme- that once a student begins to see the excellent people here, they then know what truly makes CUW great. It is not unheard of that some of the people you meet at your visit day could end up being close friends.

“My favorite part about going to Concordia was the great relationships that I made. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. Since Concordia has small class sizes, I was able to develop close relationships with my professors and I am fortunate to go to them for professional advice. I am grateful for the close-knit community at Concordia that allowed me to develop these relationships. I think that students from my alma mater should consider attending CUW because of the many academic and extracurricular opportunities that are offered.”


— Kai Goldenstein is a student writer and senior year Social Work major, minoring in German

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