A Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) has been approved by The Higher Learning Commission, making Concordia University Wisconsin the only Milwaukee area university to offer such a program.

Proposed in February by Dr. Brian Curry, assistant dean, graduate programs of the Batterman School of Business and Dr. Matthew Hurtienne, associate dean, their 19-page document to the Higher Learning Commission outlined a three year, 60-credit program which features three distinct concentrations for students:

  • Financial and Economic Management
  • Organizational Change and Performance
  • Healthcare Administration

“Talk about a blessing, as the approval process by the Higher Learning Commission was lightning fast,” said Curry. “Matt did a great job spearheading this proposal and approval will allow us to start the program internationally in China next January, where students there have been calling for this program for some time.”

He pointed to the success of Concordia’s educational doctorate as one of the main reasons such quick approval might have been granted. Mirroring the Doctorate of Education of Leadership in Innovation and Continuous Improvement, the DBA will primarily be an online program with minor residency requirements. Courses were designed in collaboration with the School of Education in an eight-week format for students who already possess an MBA or a Master in Organizational Leadership degree, especially organizational managers seeking to advance their careers by developing an ability for advanced critical reasoning.

Concordia’s business doctorate will prepare Christian leaders to make data-informed decisions through the study of real world business and organizational trends. Currently, only one Wisconsin university and an Illinois university offer similar programs.

One of the key differentiators, however, is that Concordia’s program will address not only quantitative business concepts, but qualitative concepts as well. “Our doctorate is much more balanced,” said Curry. “The qualitative aspect of teaching the human element and a holistic approach sets us apart from other schools,” stressed Curry, who indicated a number of current MBA students already reached out to him and his colleagues when they heard about the proposed doctorate.

Sixteen new online courses had to be developed for the doctorate, which is expected to be launched in the United States next July. Five of Concordia’s six academic schools now offer doctorate programs.

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