With COVID-19 still heavy on our minds, much of life stays disrupted and paused. We know it’s hard to know what to do next when so much hangs in uncertainty, but there is one area where all of us here at Concordia can help—online education. 

Have you ever considered online education? If there’s one thing that we’ve come to value now more than ever it’s this mode of education. Even now as people are stuck at home and so much of daily life changes, online education continues. And at Concordia University Wisconsin, we’re not new to online learning; we’ve been offering fully online degrees and graduating online students since 1998. 

We know what it takes to help students succeed. 

Whether you’re pursuing a degree right now, in the middle of your school search, or re-evaluating the entire future of your career, we want to help. Here are a few reasons you should consider online education at Concordia. 

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We offer more than 90 degrees

As more and more of the world goes digital, we continue to offer more of our degrees online. At Concordia, you can choose from 90+ online degrees that include accelerated bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees so you can pursue an education at the most convenient time and place without sacrificing your work or social life. Examples of our degrees include: 

Ready for your own online learning experience?

Whether it’s your first or last degree, you’ll get a world-class education at Concordia with uncommon support guiding you every step of the way. Choose from 90+ online degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees, to get the knowledge, experience, and connections you need to make that dream career of yours a reality.

  • Master of Business Administration — Every business needs leaders who can simultaneously manage large-scale projects and the diverse groups of people working on them. Choose from 15 concentrations! 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management — Whether you’re in small business, investments, or real estate, a bachelor’s degree in business management from Concordia prepares you to take the lead in your career.
  • Master of Science in Nursing – Healthcare Informatics — For nurses who want to pair their nursing background with an MSN in healthcare informatics, you’ll learn the ins and outs of informatics principles to access, mine, manage, and analyze data.
  • Doctorate of Education in Leadership in Innovation and Continous Improvement — Designed for lifelong learners in business, education, healthcare, and more, this degree is inspired by a Christian worldview, stewardship, and service to create and develop true innovation. 

You have options with modality

Our online degrees even come with options on modality! Whether you’re looking for an option that’s completely self-paced, something with a little more structure, or a virtual experience that mimics face-to-face learning, we’ve got it all. 

  • Video conferencing: This style gives you all of the benefits of the face-to-face learning experience but is done virtually. Features can include live audio or video conferencing, live chat, and/or live-streaming lectures.
  • Self-paced: This learning happens at your own pace with learning modules like books, online articles, pre-recorded audio or video, and self-guided presentations so you can learn on a schedule that works best for you.
  • Cohort: Learning with a cohort provides a little more structure and gives you the ability to interact with your set group of classmates and instructor in a virtual classroom, through an online app, on a consistent schedule.

We provide uncommon support

 You don’t miss out on anything when you decide to pursue online education at Concordia—including support. From your first interaction with us all the way to graduation, we walk alongside you to make sure you’re equipped to succeed. 

Our dedicated inquiry management associates help you pick a degree, take advantage of scholarships, and apply. Admissions counselors help you enroll, gather materials, and make sure you’re set up with the right classes. And once you’re going, you’re paired with an online student success advisor (OSSA) who helps with assignments, provides study helps, prays with you, and more. 

We know needs differ from student to student, so we personalize our support and care. As we like to say: digital campus, real human connection. 

We help you figure out affordability 

Just because you opt for online education as an adult learner doesn’t mean you can’t qualify for financial assistance. That’s right—you aren’t limited to your savings account or student loans to cover the cost of your education! When you start the application process with us, we help you identify grants, loans, and scholarships that you can take advantage of to make your education more affordable. 

We even developed a set of four scholarships exclusively for adult and post-traditional learners like you—our Uncommon Scholarships. Ranging from $150-$500 per three-credit course, these scholarships can be applied to a variety of programs and are available to:

  • Veterans and dependents
  • Employees of qualifying Christian schools and churches
  • Concordia alumni 
  • Employees of our corporate and academic partners

Once you start your degree exploration with us, our inquiry management team can help you figure out if you qualify for one of these. 

We push you toward your purpose

Dream careers are nice, but they’re even better when they become a reality. Sometimes all it takes to move from dream to reality is a degree. 

So, what do you say? 

With an online education from Concordia, you can study from the safety and comfort of your home and be on your way to becoming an even more competitive candidate in your field. Don’t neglect that dream of yours any longer. 

We believe you have an uncommon calling on your life. Step into that calling with an uncommon education. 

Ready to get started?