Freeman Jackson went from being a couch surfer in high school who began his collegiate tenure on academic probation to earning his spot within CUW’s School of Pharmacy and an ongoing place on the Falcon basketball team.

Jackson is currently in his first year of pharmacy school at CUW and recently wrapped up his second-to-last season on CUW’s basketball roster. He came to Concordia as an undergraduate because of the Unlimited Potential Scholarship program he was offered.

After struggling academically his freshman year, he put in the work to turn his trajectory around. He got himself off of academic probation and back onto the basketball court. As icing on the cake, last spring, he received official word that he had earned admittance to the CUW School of Pharmacy.

“I screamed for about an hour and, to be honest, I still haven’t come down from that high,” Jackson said. “It just felt so good to have my hard work pay off.”

Having previously been homeless, financial security is a big deal to Jackson. He’s thrilled to be heading into a career that can provide a stable income for him. Furthermore, he’s acutely aware of the good he can do for the profession.

“There’s an image with a pharmacist,” he said. “I’m black. I have tattoos. I play a sport. I don’t necessarily look the part, but it can still be me. I can still be a Doctor of Pharmacy, and that can mean a lot to a group of people who otherwise don’t have someone who looks like them as their pharmacist.”     

In the media

Sports reporter Lily Zhao and the Fox6 Sports team recently visited the CUW campus to speak with Jackson and tell his story in the station’s Beyond the Game feature. To watch the segment, click on the image below:

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