It's all about perspective in these trying times, and kids are watching and learning from us.

Parents, we are all in this together. This was not in the handbook. These terms weren’t even in our lexicon in 6 weeks ago: social distancing, no in-person dining, and flatten the curve. How can parents make the best of these times, especially when they find themselves at home with their children for a long period of time? Members of the Graduate School of Education at CUW share some thoughts and resources.

  • Focus on the things that children and families can do. While many of the activities that contribute to the busy American lifestyle are currently on hold, take time to slow down and come up with a list of activities, games, or goals for the time at home.
  • Always wanted to learn a new hobby, skill, or forgot how to play that card game that grandpa taught you when you were a child? Sites like YouTube and WikiHow are great sources for knitting, crafting, games, origami, and others.
  • Choose an audio book to listen to together on services like Audible.
  • Take a virtual tour. Many museums and landmarks have created virtual tours that are free to experience from the comfort of your couch.
  • Get outside! (Even if you live in the upper Midwest and it’s only for a few minutes a day)
  • If the children are old enough to stay at home, discuss what they need to know when they are home alone. The UW-Extension has some helpful videos for this purpose.
  • Have a plan for helping your children respond to the stress of the pandemic situation. Be honest, sincere, and share your calm.

Most importantly, pray, sing hymns, and spend time in God’s Word together. We certainly do not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future in his hands. Thanks be to God!


Photo credit: Vicki Klessig

To say that we are living in unprecedented times may be an understatement, but putting a positive spin on the situation is the key to thriving under quarantine and isolation.

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