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  • A COVID-19 summer bucket list

    Summer is almost here! Are you ready? Even if you’re still self-isolating at home in concordance with your state’s orders, you can make the most of the warmer weather and even slower pace of life.

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  • National Nurses Week 2020: Celebrating nurses during COVID-19

    National Nurses Week is here and, more than ever, nurses deserve to be celebrated. If you have a nurse in your family or neighborhood, consider showing your appreciation with a special gift. And if you're a nurse yourself, send this post to your family and friends as a friendly hint!

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  • What to do at home: teaching ideas for parents

    This time of being at home has been sudden with little time to plan. This is especially true for students and the quick closing of schools. Parents may still be working, students may need to do school online in some fashion, and outside face-to-face contact may be limited. How can a parent deal with being the main teacher of their children so suddenly?

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  • How to engage students virtually as the school year wraps up

    This is a really unique time to be a teacher. Teachers are being asked to take all of the face-to-face content and deliver it in an online environment, and it is a monumental task, regardless of grade level or subject matter. Teachers, we commend you for all of the work you are doing on the fly to engage students virtually!

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  • Academic Grit in the Face of Adversity

    In every aspect of life, including faith, family, career, and education, there are those of us who embrace the challenge rather than those who fear the challenge or possibly delay or avoid the challenge altogether. Concordia University Wisconsin inspires students to “Live Uncommon,” which includes how one faces adversity.

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  • Request Personalized Protective Equipment from Concordia

    The Concordia Community Mask Project aims to supply Wisconsin workers on the front line of the COVID crisis with needed protection.

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  • April 20, 2020
    COVID-19 Resources

    Forming our children’s faith while in isolation

    While you're sheltering in place at home with your family, all of us here at Concordia want to provide you with helpful resources. Today's post is brought to you by one of our theology faculty members on how to champion your children's faith while you're in isolation.

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  • COVID-19 Resource Library for Parents

    COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it. If you're a parent struggling with how to adjust, you've come to the right place.

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  • Six novel ways Concordia professors are helping battle COVID-19

    Concordia professors are not only rising to the challenge of delivering their courses completely online, they're using their unique skill sets to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically aiding hospitals and medical clinics close to home.

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  • 5 safety tips for remote home from occupational therapists

    During this time of working from home in a temporary workspace, the Occupational Therapy Department wanted to share some recommendations for your personal safety.

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