This message was sent on March 18, 2020 to CUW students who live in the residence halls from Beckie Kruse, director of Residence Life.

Dear Residence Hall Students,

As a follow up from last night’s message to residents, this email provides more in-depth information regarding the safe recovery of personal items and revised check-out procedures. For students who request extended housing, specific arrangements will be made on an individual basis.

Recovery of Personal items

Students will be allowed to return to campus to recover their personal items in staggered pre-scheduled times in accordance with State guidelines that limit public gatherings to ten people. The schedule will be managed by the Resident Director of each residence hall.  Students should wait to hear from their RDs via Concordia email prior to returning to campus to check-out.

Request for Extending Housing

Although each student’s request will be reviewed on an individual basis, approval will be granted based on the following criteria:

  • Academic program that requires clinical or other in-person activities
  • International students
  • Difficulty getting home
  • Family concerns or situation hardship (experiencing homelessness, etc.)

Students will be notified via email from the Office of Residence Life. Students should not return to campus prior to notice approval.

Requests are not guaranteed to be approved and students are strongly encouraged to go home or find alternative housing.  Students who are currently living in housing over spring break and are not seeking extended housing or are denied extended housing are asked to check out and leave their room by 5pm on Sunday, March 22, 2020.

The application for extended housing can be found here.

As this continues to be an evolving situation, I encourage all students to monitor their CUW email for the most current information.  All university announcements regarding COVID-19 can be found here.

God’s Peace,


Director of Residence Life


— Lisa Liljegren is vice president of marketing and strategic communications.

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