It's hard to believe that Finals Week is just around the corner. Not including Thanksgiving Break, we're down to T-minus 28 days until the official first day of final exams.

We’ve all been at this school thing long enough to know that how you study can make all the difference. Things like developing a study routine, diminishing distractions, and utilizing technology to your advantage can go a long way.

Perhaps less considered, but equally important is where you study. With the dedication of The Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center, Concordia gained some primo study spots for students, but let’s not forget about those “old reliables” around campus.

I polled a few students on campus to learn where they like to study and why. Here’s what I found.

Res hall study lounges

Convenience is key with these locations. Hitting the books can take enough time, so why not head to one of the study lounges featured in all nine of our residence halls? They’re never more than a jaunt away. Each room is furnished with tables, comfortable chairs, and whiteboards, and offer the quiet seclusion you and your cohort need to crank out your homework.

Rincker Library

The spacious Rincker Library, open 105 hours a week, offers all of the resources you would need or want to conduct your work. It contains an impressive array of books in each area of study, periodicals, and audio materials to check out, just to name a few of its readily available informational sources. The library online database also gives access to scholarly articles you need for your research. If you cannot find a specific one, you are able to request it.

You won’t have to go far for help with your work. Our helpful librarians will assist you in finding whatever you’re looking for, and CUW’s writing center is also located here to help you refine your written work.

If you’re one who fancies enjoying a coffee while studying, the BBC (Books, Bagels, & Coffee) is located there. Never forget about the library’s quiet section with all of these amenities, all in a perfectly quiet and beautiful place, for those who like to collect themselves in solitude when studying.

Learn more about Rincker Library’s numerous resources here.

Your own room

You’re not alone if you often prefer to study in the comfort of your own room. And why not? Sometimes, there’s no reason to make the trek elsewhere. All of CUW’s personal resident rooms are well furnished and offer space for all of the personal items you need to study.

Albrecht study lounges

The two study lounges located in lower level Albrecht, near The Falcon’s Nest, are ideal for collaborating with your group members. Both study rooms include tables and whiteboards for you to go about your work. These spaces are specifically designed with studying in mind and allow you just enough seclusion without making it feel like you’re cut off from campus life.

The bluff

For when you desire serenity and a beautiful view while studying, there’s no better place than CUW’s stunning bluff right along Lake Michigan. Granted, it may be a little chilly at this time of the year, but we wouldn’t put it past some of our die-hard Midwesterners to keep it on their list year-round.

Chapel Courtyard

A favorite option for many CUW students is to get out during the warm Summer and Fall seasons to set up their hammocks and go about their homework. If you like enjoying the sun and being able to lounge while hitting the books, this option may suit you well. Who ever said studying had to be stressful?

Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center 

The new business building is known for its top-of-the line facilities for business and healthcare majors, but the new architectural wonder has been a favorite for students of all kinds to utilize its spacious lounges to study. It features many desks, whiteboards, and uniquely modern furniture to yield a great environment for students’ academic endeavors.

Learn more about what Free Enterprise Center offers for students’ studies.

The Landing

Many college students prefer having food nearby when completing long hours of homework. CUW’s ‘The Landing’ sandwich and café spot happens to be a very popular choice for students to get work done, and an exquisite on-campus dining option.

For other places to enjoy your meal as a study break check out all of our dining options here.

Concordia International Center

If you are one to be sociable while studying, this is a good place to frequent. The Concordia International Center (CIC) is known to be a great place for both international and traditional students alike to hang out and collaborate for their projects.

English as a Second Language courses and other resources for international students to adapt to their studies in the U.S. are also available through the CIC.

Learn more here about how the CIC can help with international students’ success.

Photo Credits: Madelyne Arrigoni

— Kai Goldenstein is a student writer and senior year Social Work major, minoring in German

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