Concordia is proud of its tight-knit community. Countless faculty and staff choose to work at CUW year after year because of the meaningful relationships they're able to form with students and fellow colleagues alike.

But there are a few employees who can claim they’re promoting a familial atmosphere in a very literal way.

For the fathers—and one grandfather!—listed below, the Concordia mission is more than just a 9 to 5. These dads have modeled their love of the Concordia mission not just while on the clock, but at home—to the point where the next generation has chosen to follow in their father’s footsteps.

No doubt you’ll recognize some faces! Happy Father’s Day to the dads who love their children so much, they’ve chosen to spend even their workdays together.

The Carios

William Cario

Interim President | Concordia start: 1990

Stephen Cario

Helpdesk Support Specialist | Concordia start: 2019

The Evensons

Greg Evenson

Housekeeper | Concordia start: 2008

Erik Evenson

Housekeeper | Concordia start: 2018

The Ferrys

Patrick Ferry

Outgoing President | Concordia start: 1991

Rachel (Ferry) Thoms

Manager of Communication & PR in Ann Arbor | Concordia start: 2013

Not pictured:

Kyle Thoms, son-in-law

Assistant Athletic Director of External Relations in Ann Arbor | Concordia start: 2012

The Locklairs

Gary Locklair

Professor of Computer Science | Concordia start: 1986

Josh Locklair

Assistant Professor of Computer Science | Concordia start: 2015

The Machins

Scott Machin

Manager 2nd Shift Houskeeping | Concordia start: 2016

Anthony Machin, grandson

Housekeeper | Concordia start: 2020

The Newhouses

Mark Newhouse

Senior Director of Computing Operations | Concordia start: 1997

Mitch Newhouse

System Analyst | Concordia start: 2016

Not pictured:

Kristin (Elvers) Newhouse, daughter-in-law

Assistant Director of Admissions | Concordia start: 2017

The Petersons

Roy Peterson

Senior Vice President of Advancement | Concordia start: 2007

Ryan Peterson

Vice President of Administration in Ann Arbor | Concordia start: 2013


Tom Phillip

Vice President of Information Technology | Concordia start: 1997

Tom Davila, son-in-law

Director of Continuing Education | Concordia start: 2010

The Saleskas

Tom Saleska

Professor of Life and Earth Science | Concordia start: 1993

John Saleska

Head Men’s Soccer Coach | Concordia start: 2011

The Smiths

Les Smith

Manager of Auxiliary Services | Concordia start: 2016

Nick Smith

Portal Administrator | Concordia start: 2016

The Tomesches

Harald Tomesch

Professor of Theology | Concordia start: 2010

Laine (Tomesch) Scott

Instructor of Accounting | Concordia start: 2021

The Wahls

Bob Wahl

Associate Professor of Computer Science | Concordia start: 2011

Andrew Wahl

Manager of Audio Visual | Concordia start: 2019

— This story is written by Kali Thiel, director of university communications for Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor. She may be reached at or 262-243-2149.

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