earning your teachers licensure with tatiana a recent alumna

Tatiana was already dedicating her time and talent to education when she decided to fulfill her dream of becoming a licensed teacher. Through the Concordia Accelerated Plan for Teacher Licensure (CAPTL), Tatiana is now leading a classroom as a certified teacher. Learn about her experiences in our online program.

The CAPTL program is for individuals that already hold a bachelor’s degree in any field. We will develop and enhance your teaching skills and strategies through coursework, observation, and the ever important student teaching. Faculty will provide continuous support and feedback throughout the program to ensure your teaching career will flourish.

What was your bachelor’s degree in?

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I knew I was passionate about English and Spanish, but I wasn’t sure which profession I wanted those subjects to translate to at the time. A campus priest suggested I work at St. Peter for a year, I figured I had nothing to lose. That first year in teaching was a whirlwind especially because it was when COVID hit, but I still fell in love with teaching.

Are you currently teaching in a school?  If so, where?

Yes! I teach at St. Peter Catholic School in Ashton, Wisconsin. I am confident that the Lord has called me to education, and I love serving my students everyday. 

What made you interested in our CAPTL program?

I jumped headfirst into teaching with not much thought about long-term plans in education. As it became clearer and clearer that teaching was my calling, I began the hunt for a flexible program to earn my Wisconsin teacher license. Concordia’s CAPTL program was the perfect fit! It helps non-traditional students like me earn their teacher licensure and their master’s degree in education.

Tell us about your experiences in the CAPTL program. 

My cohort was absolutely the best part of my experience in the CAPTL program. We worked together to reach success in all of our classes, and we also keep in touch about personal struggles and achievements.

One assignment that was really memorable was in the course “Interdisciplinary Instruction — Teaching in the Middle School.” We were asked to reach out to thank a teacher that had been influential during our time in school. It was nostalgic to be back in touch with a teacher from our past. Everything comes full circle, I suppose! 

As for student teaching, honestly, after the balance of teaching full-time and keeping up with classwork, student teaching was a breeze. It reminded me why I love what I do. 

What grade level(s) do you see yourself teaching during your career?

I thought I would really enjoy teaching middle school. I’ve been teaching 4th and 5th graders for the last four years and I truly love this age.

What made Concordia stand out versus other institutions?

After speaking with other universities, it was clear that Concordia’s CAPTL program would be best for me. It was the most cost effective option per credit. Also, the elementary education licensure range was broad (Kindergarten through 9th). The staff that I spoke with on the phone were incredibly helpful and encouraging. I knew I would be valued and supported at Concordia.

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Are there other pathways to teaching license?

Concordia’s School of Education has multiple pathways to help individuals earn their teaching license.

The CAPTL program

In this accelerated program, your core courses will focus on building your teaching skills and strategies. Then you fulfill required hours in the classroom observing and student teaching which will further establish your teaching abilities and confidence. Tatiana pursued her teacher licensure in elementary education but we offer other grade levels to meet your needs!

The 3YR teacher licensure + bachelor’s degree program

Our 3-year online accelerated program is also for non-traditional students. If you are seeking to earn your teacher license and your bachelor’s degree together, this is the program. You can select from one of the following grade levels.

The School of Education at Concordia is working to deliver programs to non-traditional students that want to have a career in teaching. If you want to teach, we can help your earn your teaching licensure. It is a rewarding career that gives you the opportunity to work with today’s youth and prepare them for promising futures.