It's a busy time of the year for our Admissions Office. Concordia recently sent out a batch of acceptance and financial aid letters for the fall 2022 semester, and the student commitment confirmations are starting to roll in!

If you already know that Concordia is in your future but have not yet committed to CUW, don’t delay. There are certain perks that come from an early commit.

1. Housing application access

Our housing application for the 2022-23 year officially opened last week, but ONLY for incoming students. You can rank your residence hall selection, complete the personalized student survey, and match with potential roommates. If you commit now and fill out your housing application, you will be in the first pool of students to receive a housing assignment in June.

2. Student Portal account setup

You’ll find that the Portal will soon become your hub for important Concordia business, news, and various other tips and deals. An early commit gives you time to orient yourself to our systems and start to prepare yourself for life as a true college student.

3. Email privileges

Let’s make it official…with an account in your name! Once you have a cuw email address, you’re added to our official student email list where you can stay up-to-date on all Falcon announcements.

4. Class registration prioritization

If you commit now, you’ll be added to the first pool of students who are eligible to register for classes in April. If there’s one place you’ll want to beat the rush, it’s selecting classes!

5. Bragging rights

Let’s face it: College applications are stressful! Won’t it feel good to tell your friends, family, and school that you’re officially in?

Haven’t applied yet? There’s still time!

If you haven’t gotten around to applying yet, no worries! We are still accepting applications, and, best of all, WE STILL HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE!

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