Inspired by God’s perfect seasonal designs, a Concordia student majoring in interior architecture and design offers tips for students to incorporate fall into their living spaces.

If college life had a season, it would be fall. It is both the highly anticipated start of a new academic year and the end of the lazy days of summer. Fall is shorthand for new classes, returning roommates, football, soccer, bonfires, sweaters, concerts, and theater. On the scenic Concordia University Wisconsin campus, God’s magnificence is ever-present in this season of late sunrises over the bluff and exploding trees lining the paths in the Chapel Courtyard.  

For interior architecture and design major Ty Brewer ’25, God’s seasonal palate of rich tones, designs, and textures is the ultimate mood board for college students looking to bring a little of the fall beauty and serenity inside their living spaces.

“The overall fall vibe is colorful, energetic, and uplifting,” said Ty. “I enjoy decorating my room to extend the beauty around us into my living environment. I hope to inspire others to consider adding a little fall décor into their living spaces.”

Ty is a sophomore at Concordia and splits his class time between CUW and the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in Milwaukee. This long-standing partnership provides students with the benefits of a tight-knit campus community rooted in faith without sacrificing the expertise and industry connections of a MIAD education—plus, they could pay less for the arrangement.

I hope to inspire others to consider adding a little fall décor into their living spaces.

Ty Brewer (’25), interior architecture and design major

Ty offers his top recommendations for bringing fall inside living spaces.

  1. Set the tone early: Nothing says ‘Welcome’ like a proper floormat and a seasonal wreath or door decoration. Fall is unique because students can mix and match Halloween, harvest, and Thanksgiving themes, depending on the vibe they’re going for. Wreaths and floormats are inexpensive and readily available at popular retails stores.
  2. Smells like fall: All seasons have powerful scents associated with them; for me, fall is all about warmth and coziness. Of course, candles are preferred, but since open flames aren’t allowed in residence halls, I like to use wall flowers to bring rich and spicy aromas into the space.   
  3. Seasonal decorating is not just for guests: As college students, we don’t have many personal effects, but we all have sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels. A good pop of color mixed into these items is an uplifting and cozy reminder of God’s beautiful canvas.   
  4. Give them a taste of the season: Set out a bowl of candy or candy corn for a trick-or-treat vibe. This small gesture invites guests in and ensures they’re welcomed and appreciated.  
  5. God’s perfect design: Summer annuals, spring lilies, Christmas poinsettias, and fall pumpkins…there is nothing more beautiful than nature. When decorating for the season, I like to incorporate the fruits of the season in surprising places, like on top of doorframes and along window sills. Pumpkins are fresh, alive, and real. They last long, so you can keep them through Thanksgiving or carve them for Halloween.

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