From a powerful new "Live Uncommon" brand launch and beautiful snapshots of our campus to the significant milestones and achievements of our students, faculty, and staff, Concordia has had a lot to share this year.

CUW’s Strategic Communications team has utilized Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep students, alumni, family, and friends in the loop, and you, our CUW community of social influencers, have in turn helped advance the Concordia mission in powerful ways by sharing our stories with your own friends, family, and acquaintances.

You made these moments possible. Here are the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts that grabbed your attention the most in 2018. Check them out, and while you’re at it (you know how it goes) give us a follow!


1) Live Uncommon

CUW’s new “Live Uncommon” brand platform captures the powerful message that CUW represents through our diverse student and faculty bodies engaging in unique and extraordinary Christ-centered service to the world. The beautiful video CUW put up on our FB page early in the year portrays this perfectly.

If you haven’t already, watch it here!

2) Dancing President Ferry

We’ve also had our fair share of whimsical moments. People sure seemed to get a kick out of our own President Ferry dancing at the CIT basketball tournament.

Click here to relive the president of our university ‘dabbing’!

3) Freddy at Lambeau

In August, we announced some huge news for Concordia and Green Bay Packers fans. Concordia’s MBA program, the largest in the state, is now the preferred educational partner of the Green Bay Packers! Hundreds of people reacted with ‘likes’, ‘loves’, and quite reasonably, the ‘surprise face’.

Check out the triumphant pics of Freddy here and visit to learn more about our 15 MBA concentrations.


1) CUW’s heart-warming Tweet about family

We’re not afraid to get creative with Twitter. Tweeters identified strongly with this surprise conclusion to the 21 Tweets leading up to our Move-In Day post. Followers that chose to go down this clever rabbit hole found the reveal of Toto’s meme-worthy 1981 song “Africa.”

Did you miss it? Check it out here.

2)  Champions of the Cheese Bowl

People love seeing our Falcons football team win. This Tweet announces the prized moment of CUW shutting out Lakeland University 17-0 to take back the coveted Cheese Bowl this year.

Sorry Lakeland, Tweets are forever.

3) Glorious day, Graduation

It’s only right that we should post about a monumental event for our 2018 graduates. Seeing hundreds of students ready to leave their mark on the world is a pretty breathtaking thing to pop up on your feed.

Relive a moment in the day here.


1) Today vs. last week, Wisconsin weather

Insta has a knack for capturing some pretty picturesque scenes, and CUW has had plenty to contribute. This post points out a rather abrupt change in Wisconsin weather during November. People had their opinions about which day was better, but none can deny both scenes were beautiful.

See the campus’ about-face in weather here.

2) Lake looks like the Caribbean

Thanks @ndrcinefo for this pic of our beautiful shoreline! Who knew Wisconsin had a tropical side?

If you are among those lucky enough to have walked the bluff, hit this post with a ‘like.’

3) Cloudy day shot by Kyle Re

The stunning shots of our campus just don’t quit! In any weather there is beauty to be found at CUW. Here, alumnus,, captures a magnificent photo of CUW’s pond reflecting the gorgeous clouds above.

Special thanks to all the talented photographers out there that keep our social media popping with pictures like these!

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